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Vaccine Disables Baby, Court Blames 'Crazy' Mother, Takes Child Away

HPV vaccination injures child - blame passed onto mom - CPS removes daughter

 on 25th June 2018 @ 12.09pm
anita vasquez had he daughter taken away after she was injured by a vaccine © press
Anita Vasquez had he daughter taken away after she was injured by a vaccine

After a doctor "accidentally" injected a baby with a Gardasil vaccine, subsequently injuring the child, a court has ruled that the mother was at fault and removed her daughter.

Anita Vasquez lost custody of her 22-month-old child last week after the court rules that she was to blame for baby Aniya’s illness and not the vaccination.

Following testimony from BigPhrama scientists, Vasquez was accused of having Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (where a person seeks attention by faking or creating an illness in another person, often their child).

After the jury heard testimony from the medical experts and pleas from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services' attorney Allen Lowe, it took jurors about four hours to terminate her rights as a mother, making her daughter a ward of the state.

According to the court, Anita Vasquez's "condition" caused her daughter to suffer life-threatening symptoms after a doctor administered the wrong vaccine, with the doctor and drug company being blameless in the case.

the young child was left with life threatening injuries from the  accidental  vaccine © press
The young child was left with life-threatening injuries from the 'accidental' vaccine

Mother branded 'crazy'

According to Health Nut News, the papers painted Anita Vasquez as nothing more than a sick mother who was harming her child.

Not the educated nurse she was.

And of course, very little was mentioned about the fact that a doctor carelessly injected her infant with Gardasil.

Speaking about her chances for justice, Vasquez’s lawyer, Chris Branson, said:

“The system is so rigged that appeals are almost never successful.

"So this is probably the end of the road here.”

A psychiatrist diagnosed Vasquez in 2017 with Munchausen syndrome by proxy and that information was forwarded to the Victoria Police Department, but Vasquez was never charged with a crime relating to harming her child.

In fact, the state was never able to present “exactly how Vasquez harmed her child, as clear and convincing evidence.”

“According to testimony from social workers, Vasquez was ordered to follow the recommendations of a psychiatrist and a plan outlined by the department” but she didn’t. No one knows why.

Perhaps because she wasn’t ill and didn’t have Munchausen?

the court ruled that anita vasquez caused life threatening illness to her daughter © press
The court ruled that Anita Vasquez caused life threatening illness to her daughter

What is known is that the 22-month-old was accidentally injected with the HPV vaccine when she was less than a year old.

Something Branson questioned as being the reason for baby Aniya’s low sodium levels, inability to gain weight, and hospitalizations. 

A vaccination that happened a few months before her complications began.

However, none of that seemed to matter and jurors were reminded “that doctors had testified that no documented connection existed between the HPV vaccine and medical complications suffered by Aniya.”

In a world of phony "fact-checkers" such as Snopes and Big Pharma-funded "science," convincing a jury to rule against the glaringly obvious seems a simple task these days.

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