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Texas Deputy Caught Raping 4-Year-Old in Child Migrant Camp

47-year-old pedophile cop arrested by Sheriff's Department for child rape

 on 24th June 2018 @ 10.00pm
jose nunez  47  was caught raping a 4 year old child in a detention facility © press
Jose Nunez, 47, was caught raping a 4-year-old child in a detention facility

A Texas deputy has been arrested after he was caught raping a 4-year-old undocumented immigrant child in a migrant detention facility.

47-year-old pedophile Jose Nunez was taken into custody by the Bexar County Sheriff's Department on a felony charge involving sexual assault of a child.

According to local media reports by CBS San Antonio affiliate KENS-TV, Nunez is a detention deputy who's been with the department ten years.

Sheriff Javier Salazar says the mother of the young victim is an undocumented immigrant, and the suspect took advantage of the mother's fear of deportation.

Investigators are trying to determine whether the incident was an isolated case, or whether it followed a pattern of abuse by Nunez.

The possibility that others may have been involved in similar criminal activity hasn't been ruled out by the Sheriff's Departemnt, nor has the chance that Nunez may have been part of a wider child trafficking operation.

nunez is a detention deputy who s been with the department ten years © press
Nunez is a detention deputy who's been with the department ten years

CBS reports: Nunez is charged with super aggravated sexual assault -- a charge applied when the victim is less than six years old.

Salazar says the victim, who is 4, cried out to her mother Saturday night.

He said the mother decided to go to a local fire station to report the abuse.

Investigators quickly stepped in and arrested Nunez, around 3 a.m. Sunday.

Salazar said Nunez touched the girl's genitals and hurt her.

Investigators believe the abuse could go back months or possibly years.

"When one person or persons individually demonstrate like they did in this case that they're not worthy to be part of this agency, then we're going to, quite frankly, get them out of here. Cut them out like cancer. And that's what's going to happen in this case," said Salazar.

Nunez has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. Internal affairs will also be conducting a separate, but concurrent

Salazar said he encourages undocumented immigrants to continue to report crimes. He said there could be more victims in Nunez's case.

"(We ask) victims of a crime or a witness to a crime to please come forward and report it. Just like we're doing in this case, we're filling out paperwork with this witness in question to make sure that she's given protected status pending the outcome of this case," Salazar said. 

a pedophile was employed to run a detention camp in in brownsville  texas © press
A pedophile was employed to run a detention camp in in Brownsville, Texas

Serial abuse

The news follows reports that the Obama Administration had placed known pedophile in charge of a child's detention facility in Texas.

READ MORE: Obama Hired Pedophile to Run Children's Detention Center in Texas

According to a bombshell exposé by Texas Monthly, a man with a history of arrest for child pornography charges was tasked to run a major child detention center located in Brownsville, Texas.

Pedophile Ernesto Padron was a Border Patrol agent before he was forced to resign from the agency in 2010 after being charged with a second-degree felony of possession of child porn.

After escaping the charges, Padron was awarded a high-level position at the facility, where he was in control of thousands of undocumented children, many of whom would regularly drop off the radar.

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