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Mississippi Tap Water Turns Black, Government Tells Residents It's 'Ok to Drink'

Locals began to see the black water coming out of taps in the tubs

 on 21st June 2018 @ 9.00pm
locals began to see the black water coming out of taps in the tubs © pres
Locals began to see the black water coming out of taps in the tubs

Worried residents in Mississippi were stunned when their tap water mysteriously turned black but got a further shock when government officials told them it was 'ok to drink.'

Angry residents were told they 'should not be alarmed' by the water and it is 'perfectly safe' to drink. The residents didn't receive notices to boil the water to avoid bacteria.

Locals began to see the black water coming out of taps in the tubs, sinks as well as the water entering their washing to clean their clothes.

Water authorities have even reached to state that there is nothing at all incorrect with the water.

They stated that the black color comes from iron and is that color due to it having excessive iron in it.

mississippi tap water turns black  government tells residents it s  ok to drink © press

One property owner stated they had actually put a load of washing into their washing and they were white towels.

The black water began to pour into the device, and the towels were sloshing around in the disgusting water.

They asked how the clothing is anticipated to be tidy and who would pay for the clean-up if the clothing and towels were messed up.

The black water has actually been a concern considering that recently, but on Friday, it did seem to be getting a little better.

In a video, water was revealed coming out of a tap, and it looked like weak coffee or tea?

The video revealed the residues left behind when the brackish water had actually swirled away down the drain.

Dark black discolorations were left pitting the sink.

Another showed a tidy white sink with dirty brown water coming out of the tap; this is water in which locals are expected to clean.

Wlbt Mendenhall

One property owner scooped up some of the remaining residues of water onto a finger and showed exactly what seemed a sickish looking dark brown compound.

The resident collected some of the brown water in a container, describing that it was not right for the city to expect people to come house from water to see black/brown water coming out of their taps and expecting them to consume and wash in it.

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