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WikiLeaks: Obama Ordered CIA To Spy On Marine Le Pen

CIA document reveals espionage orders from Obama targeting Marie Le Pen

 on 28th May 2018 @ 3.23pm
cia document reveals espionage orders from obama targeting marie le pen © press
CIA document reveals espionage orders from Obama targeting Marie Le Pen

Last week Neon nettle reported that President Donald Trump ordered a criminal investigation illegal surveillance of his campaign by the Obama administration. 

But it has also emerged that he was spying on foreign political figures who were rallying against the globals agenda.

According to Wikileaks, a CIA document reveals espionage orders from Obama targeting Marie Le Pen among other French presidential candidates.

Obama, a president who left office with zero scandals, may actually be one of the dirtiest presidents of them all.

Responding to President Trump's tweet previously this week relating to "SPYGATE"-- the name the president has offered one of Obama's more outright scandals.

WikiLeaks took the opportunity to alert everyone to that Obama is not just guilty of spying on the Trump campaign. He is guilty of spying on political challengers all over the world.

The Wikileaks files, which were released by France's Liberation newspaper and the Mediapart investigative website, prove that Obama was a serial wiretapper, listening in to discussions held by political competitors all around the world.

Thanks to WikiLeaks and the unmatched peek behind the curtains of power they have given us; the shadow government has been exposed to the light.

WikiLeaks' variety of journalism-- cold, hard, pristine reality-- has done more than ruffle feathers.

The whole henhouse has freaked. Key figures in the discredited Obama program are slavering at the mouth, and the lies of mainstream media have never been so easy to translucent.

In reaction to the leakages, National Security Council representative Ned Price stated: "We are not going to talk about particular intelligence claims.

" As a basic matter, we do not perform any foreign intelligence monitoring activities unless there is a particular and validated national security function.

This applies to ordinary citizens and world leaders alike."

Wikileaks carried a declaration by its creator, Julian Assange, who said:

"The French individuals have a right to know that their elected government undergoes hostile surveillance from a supposed ally.

" French readers can expect more timely and essential discoveries in the future."

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