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New Law Sees British Citizens Face Jail If They Post Offensive Content Online

Social media posts deemed 'racist' or 'anti-gay' will see user face jail

 on 16th May 2018 @ 8.19pm
social media posts deemed  racist  or  anti gay  will see user face jail © press
Social media posts deemed 'racist' or 'anti-gay' will see user face jail

A new Orwellian introduced in the UK will see British citizens face jail if they post content deemed ‘offensive’ on social media.

Despite the new law, violent crime rates have increased to 44% in the last year, but the government insists it wants to focus its resources on punishing online trolls.

Social media posts deemed 'racist' or 'anti-gay' will see user face jail under the strict new rules proposed yesterday.

Harsh punishments have been advised for judges and magistrates for those who are found guilty of stirring up racial, religious or sexual hatred for minority groups.

Social media users who post comments or share 'hate speech' without being aware of the consequences could still be jailed according to the proposals from the Sentencing Council. reports: “Hate trolling” means sharing politically incorrect facts.

The lunatic leftists controlling Britain want to throw right-wingers in prison for 6 months not just for posting such “hate,” but for merely commenting on it or sharing it. Anyone who is convicted of originating hate speech that threatens anyone’s life or which is widely distributed should expect three years.

Even someone whose words or material were judged as hateful, but were not considered to have threatened life or reached a big audience, is likely to be punished with a year in jail.

[…]The council’s proposals say the most serious hate offences include speeches given by public figures with the aim of stirring up hatred, online content inciting violence towards racial or religious groups, and websites that publish abusive and insulting material to a worldwide audience over a long period.

Aggravating factors include activity ‘in a particularly sensitive social climate’ or delivered to an impressionable audience.

Using multiple social media platforms also makes an offence more grave.

George Orwell would have been laughed at had he put ideas like this in 1984 — yet here we are.

As a reminder, just one century ago the British empire was still dominating the world. Their empire was referred to as “the empire on which the sun never sets.”

Now Britain is being reverse colonized and their government is focused on jailing people for sharing or commenting on offensive social media posts.

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