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The Koch Brothers: The Time Has Come To Destroy President Donald Trump

Freedom Partners have already launched the anti-Trump campaign

 on 16th May 2018 @ 5.03pm
freedom partners have already launched the anti trump campaign © press
Freedom Partners have already launched the anti-Trump campaign

The Koch brothers have vowed to destroy the President by declaring war on the Trump administration and vowing to unseat him from the White House “by any means possible.”

The Koch Brothers’ political bank Freedom Partners have already launched the anti-Trump campaign with ads that intensely criticises Donald Trump's tariffs on imported goods from China. 

Freedom partners are now hoping to whip up a massive backlash that will damageTrump's policymaking and undermine him at every turn. reports: When the entire Republican Establishment and Mitt Romney went hard against Trump, the Republican Party changed.

Now, NeverTrumpers are split between pretending to be Trump supporters and going along with it until they can get Nikki Haley or Mike Pence into office, or they’re just bitter and angry somewhere.

The Libertarian world is in turmoil right now because Trump supporters have been getting purged in favor of strictly establishment voices and progressives.

Here is a great piece that Alice Salles wrote for Big League Politics on how the libertarian movement, which the Kochs have long monopolized, has changed:

On April 19, The Cato Institute vice president of research Brink Lindsey tweeted his dislike for former congressman Ron Paul for his “hideous corruption of libertarian ideas.”

Accusing the most important member of the Libertarian movement of spreading ideas that “[put] his movement in the Trumpism family tree,” the Cato scholar accused both the president and the former presidential candidate of being xenophobic…

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