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The Red Cross Has Built Just 6 Homes In Haiti Despite $500 Billion in Donations

The charity promised to build hundreds of thousands of new homes for the Haitian people

 on 8th May 2018 @ 2.12pm
the charity promised it would build hundreds of thousands of new homes for the haitian people © press
The charity promised it would build hundreds of thousands of new homes for the Haitian people

The Red Cross promised to raise funds for Haiti in order to provide livable homes for the poplution following the 2010 earthquake that tore the region apart.

That didn't happen.

The charity promised it would build hundreds of thousands of new homes for the Haitian people who had been left homeless from the aftermath of the earthquake, but to date, only 6 homes have been built despite them receiving half a billion dollars in donations. Earthquake 

Where the hell did the money go?

The Red Cross's plans to build homes in Haiti fell through, many people were left with nothing despite donations and relief aid coming from all around the world.

There were many errors.

The plans to build the homes had to be halted despite no official explanation being given.

the red cross has built just 6 homes in haiti despite  500 billion in donations © press

Now, much of the population located in the region are living in shacks that were constructed from the debris from the earthquake.

There's more though, many people do not even have access to clean water as they struggle to drink dirty contaminated water.

The Red Cross even claimed they provided homes to 130,000 people, but in reality, there were just 6.

Leaked Memon Reveal Lots Of Errors Made by Red Cross

Memos have actually been leaked from the Red Cross that show just the number of errors they in fact made.

These mistakes hindered the erecting of the structures and it has been stated that they might all have actually been avoided if there had been better management and preparation within the Red Cross.

Former workers hired to work on the project have actually said that staff had actually been worked with at the time and they were unable to check out Creole or French.

This indicated that many of them had actually been not able to work in the environment appropriately.

The director at the time was Judith St. Fort and in a memo dating back to 2011, she spoke about how the managers who were accountable for the operation had actually made some remarks about the Haitian workers that were very disturbing.

In a report, she highlighted her concerns about the operation in Haiti and said that they required the best management on the ground in order to be able to run effectively.

She also highlighted many concerns and issues from her last trip, all severe issues about management that was lacking.

The racist remarks had been given the foreground when managers said that "the ones that we have hired are not strong so we most likely need to not pay very close attention to Haitian CVs."

Red Cross Make Statement But Faith in Them Has Been Lost

In a blistering 2011 memo, the then-director of the Haiti program, Judith St. Fort, wrote that the group was failing in Haiti which senior managers had actually made "really troubling" remarks disparaging Haitian employees.

St. Fort, who is Haitian American, wrote that the comments included, "he is the only hard working one amongst them" and "the ones that we have employed are not strong so we most likely need to not pay close attention to Haitian CVs."

In spite of the many failings of the Red Cross, they have actually stayed the leading charity that lots of turn to after suffering humanitarian crises.

The business did release a statement stating "Like lots of humanitarian organizations responding in Haiti, the American Red Cross fulfilled problems in relation to government coordination delays, disputes over land ownership, delays at Haitian customized, challenges finding certified personnel who remained in short supply and high demand, and the cholera outbreak, among other obstacles, ".

There is no denying though that rely on the Red Cross has actually been shaken following the report recommending that contributions had been misused away and the pledge to build houses not kept.

Lots of people have actually asked that people do not contribute to the Red Cross but instead offer to the Haitian organizations.

Following the earthquake around $9 billion had been promised to help restore the nation and rehome individuals.

Around 55,000 Haitians nevertheless, are still living in tents or the makeshift shelters, with critics stating that the cash has not been utilized to make Haiti much better.

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