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Swedish DJ Avicii Found Dead After Exposing Elite Pedophile Ring

Superstar DJ and producer vowed to 'protect vulnerable children' before death

 on 28th April 2018 @ 10.08am
avicii was working hard to destroy child trafficking rings © press
Avicii was working hard to destroy child trafficking rings

Since the tragic death of Swedish DJ, Avicii, evidence of the work he was doing to doing to take down elite pedophile rings is continuing to surface.

Friends and colleagues of the music star, born Ted Bergling, are now coming forward revealing that the 28-year-old had vowed to dedicate the rest of his life to "protecting vulnerable children" and exposing the global network of elites that "abuse and rape children for sport."

Last week, the Swedish DJ and producer died suddenly under suspicious circumstances in Muscat, Oman.

He was a pioneer in his field and was selling out arena shows around the world.

His explosive directorial debut video "For A Better Day" that is now raising suspicions that there's more to the 28-year-old Avicii’s untimely death than meets the eye.

Fake news emerges to cover up red flags surrounding Avicii's death

As troubling information surfaces regarding the true message Avicii was trying to spread before his tragic death, fake news emerges in an attempt to cover the truth.

Suspicious "debunking" sites such as Snopes and fake news outlets like "Collective Evolution" are scrambling to cover the facts that Avicii was working to save children.

You have to ask yourself this: What do the sleazy owners of these sites gain from protecting predators who rape and traffic children and destroy innocent lives, and why are they working so hard to keep Avicii's message hidden?

fake news emerges to cover up avicii s message © press
Fake news emerges to cover-up Avicii's message

The Avicci video ‘For a better day’

The video for "For a Better Day" is deeply disturbing and doesn’t hint so much as shout what Avicii knew about elite pedophile rings from the rooftops.

According to close friends of Avicii, he had actually become a passionate defender of vulnerable kids around the globe after seeing "unthinkable horrors" while rubbing shoulders with the world's entertainment and political elite.

For his very first video as director, Avicii opted to shine a spotlight on the elite pedophilia epidemic.

"For a Better Day," tells the story of kids being offered as sex slaves to elite child traffickers.

The video reveals two children get away by jumping off a cliff into the ocean, before returning as grownups to get specific bloody vengeance on the influential elite pedophiles who abused them as children.

By appearing as one of the grown-up kids in the video, Avicii clearly demonstrates which side he was on, and in spite of record label warnings that the video was "commercial suicide," he chose to make it clear that exposing the elite predators was more important than making cash.

At the end of the video, it is exposed that the elite pedophile ring Avicii had in his sights goes all the method to the top of federal government.

In the video, the leader is killed and "pedophile" is branded on his body.

However, in truth, it was Avicii who met an unforeseen demise, joining Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell as popular musicians who have suddenly passed away before their time under suspicious circumstances, and after swearing to expose the elite pedophiles.

chris cornell and chester bennington both died suddenly after vowing to expose pedophile rings © press
Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington both died suddenly after vowing to expose pedophile rings

Was Avicii silenced for his views?

As a successful and popular young artist with a following of tens of millions of youths all over the world, he remained in a position to "redpill" the masses.

As the untimely deaths of a growing variety of anti-pedophile activists prove, this type of work is extremely unsafe in today's world.

Are all of these deaths associated, or is it all a huge coincidence?

Chris Cornell

Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell was found hanging from a door in his Detroit hotel room in May 2017.

His death was quickly ruled as a suicide, in spite of objections by his associates, friends, and family.

Detroit cops concluded their examinations quickly and the Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office ruled the death a suicide.

But, private investigators are claiming that inexplicable spaces in the official timeline of Cornell's last minutes and suspicious inconsistencies in the records suggest that Cornell's death was not a suicide at all, but a premeditated murder and cover-up.

Much like Avicii, Cornell had experienced "horrors" committed toward children while working within the music industry and connecting with the political elite.

He and his wife developed a foundation to help prevent the sexual exploitation of vulnerable kids.

Friends of Cornell say that he was shown a "black book" that consisted of the name of one of his professional associates.

After establishing his foundation, IfOnly, and examining further, Cornell was close to exposing a network of pedophiles working within the entertainment business.

It was a very dangerous task that he considered his "duty."

But, according to his friends, he was "taken out" before could he could complete his mission.

Chester Bennington

Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington was discovered dead in July 2017, just one month after his friend Cornell.

While the official cause of death was again an apparent "suicide by hanging," his good friends, family, and fans expressed outrage at the verdict.

Despite the fact that it was claimed that Bennington struggled with depression which allegedly resulted in his suicide, he likewise suffered horrific sexual assault as a child from somebody he referred to as an "older guy."

Bennington revealed weeks prior to his death that he was planning to "go public" with his sexual assault history.

Chester Bennington was a mature, well-adjusted guy who had actually exorcised his demons and had committed the rest of his life to combating for others-- including his six children and his godson, Christopher Cornell-- and exposing the powerful pedophile rings that operate within the entertainment industry.

However, evil forces seem determined to shut these type of people down, before they can expose the truth.

As details of Avicii's death continue to emerge, it is worth paying close attention to who pushes hardest against those who are examining information regarding the true cause of his death, in an effort to silence anyone who raises questions.

They may be associated with the cover-up.

And if they're part of the cover-up, they're likely part of something more sinister.

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