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Locals Panic As Mysterious 'BOOM' Shakes Oklahoma, Reports of Green Flashes

The US Geological Survey confirmed that had been no earthquakes in the region

 on 14th March 2018 @ 4.01pm
many oklahoma locals were left wondering what they had just seen and heard © press
Many Oklahoma locals were left wondering what they had just seen and heard

Oklahoma and Texas residents fell into a state of panic as they were jostled from their daily routines after hearing a mysterious 'loud boom' on Tuesday afternoon.

Many locals were left wondering what they had just seen and heard as reports came flooding in of green flashes fleeted across the sky.

The US Geological Survey confirmed that had been no earthquakes in the region, but the National Weather Services in Norman claimed that the strange 'boom' was a result of a ‘bolide’ or the breaking up of a meteor.”

Visual and audible reports off a 'shaking boom' across central Oklahoma as experts said it was possible the region experienced a 'bolide.

RT reports: A flurry of baffled residents shared their comments online, trying to make sense of the afternoon shocker. One nearby resident offered his account of the mysterious heavenly “green light” he spotted that afternoon.

“Meteor flew over Oklahoma City today at about 16:20, with a sonic boom and some shaking in nearby Norman! Was beautiful green and orange streak in the daylight,” he tweeted.

One resident’s speculation revolved around reports that China’s first space observation station was due to fall into Earth’s orbit at any moment.

“I was wondering if the meteor reports in North Texas and Oklahoma were actually Tiangong-1, but it looks like we’re still a week or so from that possibly happening,” he said.

Oklahoma is no stranger to unexplained booms, which have been attributed to an assortment of different causes. Last year, Midwest City residents were perplexed by large underground booms comparable to underground explosions, one witness stated.

“It turns out, this is a really neat deal. It has to do with water underground,” said Meteorologist John Slater. “With these cold fronts coming through, the water just freezes rapidly. And as it turns out, when it freezes, it expands.”

On January 25, 2014, News On 6 speculated that F-16 fighter jets from the 138th Fighter Wing division in Tulsa peppered the area with sonic booms powerful enough to rattle furniture and windows. However, the cause of the disturbances still remains a mystery.

Another shockwave dubbed the “Bama Boom” was felt across cities in Alabama on November 14, 2017. No explanation was offered other than either a hypersonic aircraft or meteorite shower.

Were they underground nuclear tests? Fracking adventures in the Midwest? No one will ever know.

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