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Amazon Alexa Users Left Terrified After Device Starts 'Laughing' At Them

users to run away in terror after device starts giggling

 on 8th March 2018 @ 5.01pm
reports say that amazon s virtual assistant alexa began laughing for no apparent reason © press
Reports say that Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa began laughing for no apparent reason

Amazon's widely popular virtual assistant device, Alexa, has caused many of its users to run away in terror after it began to laugh for no apparent reason.

Reports say that Amazon's artificial intelligence-driven Alexa would suddenly burst into laughter, prompting a flood of complaints from scared users.

According to a Bloomberg report, Amazon is apparently aware of the 'laughing issue' and it working to fix it.

some users also claim the decide began laughing in response to unrelated or misunderstood command © press
Some users also claim the decide began laughing in response to unrelated or misunderstood command

Some users also claim the decide began laughing in response to unrelated or misunderstood command, while others said Alexa just began laughing randomly.

Last year an anonymous woman asked Amazon's Alexa a series if it was connected to the CIA. The virtual assistant shut down after it was interrogated about its connections with the US government agency.

Arstechnica reports: It's not uncommon for Echo devices to hear sounds and mistake them for a user's wake word. Amazon's smart speakers can be programmed to respond to a few words: "Alexa" is the most common, but other options like "Echo" and "Amazon" are available as well. These bouts of laughter could be a byproduct of Echo devices mistakenly hearing their wake words.

But reported situations of unprompted laughter in silent homes are obviously quite creepy. Some users have resorted to unplugging their Echo devices to ensure that Alexa cannot interject anything, ominous or not.

While my Echo device has lit up and responded to random noises in my home a few times, I've never experienced the laughing issue. When asked, "Alexa, how do you laugh?" my Echo replied, "Sure, I can laugh—tee hee!"

It's always worth checking the History section of the Alexa mobile app in situations like this. Since Echo devices are always listening for their wake words, they record and save clips to the cloud every time they hear something that they think Alexa needs to respond to. Users can review and delete these clips at any time in the Alexa app's History section.

Update (8:26am ET March 8): An Amazon representative provided the following statement to Ars, explaining that Alexa's unprompted laughter was caused by an incorrectly heard phrase.

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