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Russian Foreign Minister: US Is Preparing For A 'Pre-emptive Strike' On Russia

Sergey Lavrov say America is in 'non-compliance'

 on 2nd March 2018 @ 1.12pm
lavrov who spoke on wednesday at a conference on disarmament in geneva  switzerland © press
Lavrov who spoke on Wednesday at a conference on disarmament in Geneva, Switzerland

The United States is training its European allies for a preemptive strike against Russia according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Lavrov who spoke on Wednesday at a conference on disarmament in Geneva, Switzerland, deflected claims that Russia was violating arms control treaties in the past. 

Lavrov then went on to accuse the US of 'non-compliance' claiming Washinton was seeking to hold “joint nuclear missions” with its non-nuclear allies.

russian foreign minister sergey lavrov says united states is training its european allies for a preemptive strike © press
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says United States is training its European allies for a preemptive strike

Lavrov argued that Russia has not deployed nuclear overseas and stressed that the presence of U.S weapons “is not only a rudiment of the Cold War but an openly aggressive position.”

“As we all know, these nuclear missions violate the Non-Proliferation Treaty and non-nuclear states plan and take part in the U.S. exercises and learn how to use the nuclear weapons," he said.

Newsweek reports: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov delivers a speech at the 2018 Munich Security Conference on February 17, 2018, in Munich, Germany. The annual conference, which brings together political and defense leaders from across the globe, is taking place under heightened tensions between the U.S., together with its western allies, and Russia.

“It should be clear to everyone that the United States’ very own servicemen are preparing the armed forces of European countries for the utilization of tactical nuclear arms against the Russian Federation,” Lavrov argued. In a searing remark against the U.S., Lavrov also urged European citizens that they would themselves oppose U.S. attempts to deploy weapons of mass destruction on their territory, referring to America as “the only state that that has already used them against a civilian population in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

Russia is persistently critical of the U.S. effort to install an anti-missile shield in Europe, arguing that its elements being stationed in Eastern Europe are an offensive move against Moscow. Meanwhile, the U.S. has also is thought to have retained around 20 nuclear warheads at a military base in Buechel, in western Germany, although the U.S. government consistently refuses to comment on the issue, Reuters has reported.

The U.S. has itself accused Russia of turning its back on arms control agreements, such as designing a missile that could undermine a marquee Cold War-era treaty to remove nuclear-capable intermediate-range missiles from Europe.

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