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China Approves Deadly Nuclear Doomsday Device That Can 'Kill Millions'

Chinese researchers are now developing powerful NUKE

 on 15th February 2018 @ 7.13pm
researchers are now using a rare metal in order to develop a  salted  nuke © press
Researchers are now using a rare metal in order to develop a 'salted' nuke

Chinese researchers are now developing an extremely powerful 'doomsday device' capable of killing millions according to reports.

Researchers in China are now using a rare metal in order to develop a “salted” nuke that could have the potential to kill millions of people and leave the earth uninhabitable.

Researchers chose to use the metal, tantalum, in its warheads because it has an unusually high melting point of 3000C, meaning it can withstand the pressure to propel ions to high speeds and control their movement towards targets.

the daily star reports: The shocking information was announced by scientists at a research facility in Gansu province before the communist nation’s military confirmed testing on the project had begun.

It is believed the project could propel China to become a huge nuclear power and challenge the US for global dominance

Cai Minghui, an associate researcher at the National Space Science Centre in Beijing, said the project could help the Asian superpower develop even more powerful weapons.

He added: “In theory, the particle beam of a heavy element such as tantalum can be used as a directed energy weapon.”

China has moved to beef up its nuclear weapons and military in recent years.

One of its major goals has been to develop a strong nuclear programme to achieve a deference that could allow it to stand toe-to-toe with the US.

The communist nation recently flexed its military might by test-firing missiles from a powerful new solar powered drone on the edge of Earth’s atmosphere, earlier this week.

The high-tech CH-4 Rainbow drone carried out dramatic live-fire weapons trials in extreme weather conditions, according to the Chinese media.

It represents a major step for China as it can fly at extremely high altitudes for more than 12 hours straight — and is armed to the teeth.

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