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New Hillary Clinton Emails Release Contains Instructions on Deleting Evidence

Conversations on how to delete data trails from a blackberry emerge

 on 3rd February 2018 @ 5.53pm
latest hillary clinton emails show conversations about deleting emails from a blackberry © press
Latest Hillary Clinton emails show conversations about deleting emails from a Blackberry

In the latest release of Hillary Clinton's emails by the State Department, conversations about how to delete email evidence have been revealed.

Of all of the emails released by the State Dept., two threads, in particular, have caught people's attention.

In one exchange, Hillary is given advice on how to permanently delete emails from her Blackberry smartphone.

What is most telling about the advice that she receives is that it is intended to completely scrub the data from her device rather than just move unwanted emails to her trash folder.

The other conversation of note is where she discusses using a fake name to travel, with a presumably faked passport, with her daughter Chelsea Clinton.

the new emails show suspicious conversations between the clintons © press
The new emails show suspicious conversations between the Clintons

This piece will provide a quick-to-read breakdown of two exchanges.

First is an email that appears to be a discussion over deleting data from a Blackberry, much like the ones Hillary Clinton uses. Note the names of the emails:

From: Justin Cooper

Sent: 9/2/2011 8:03:46 PM

To: Bryan M. Pagliano

CC: Jon Davidon

Subject: Re: Question

Easy to do
Go to settings
Service books
And delete anything that says cmime
Or [email protected]
Or [email protected]

Try to leave the stuff that says desktop

Got that jd?


It is unclear if “cmime” is a typo or intentional.

chelsea clinton appears to travel under a fake name © press
Chelsea Clinton appears to travel under a fake name

Second is an exchange Hillary (referred to as “H”) and Huma Abedin have with Chelsea Clinton, who writes under the alias “Diane Reynolds.”

Chelsea describes a notable security encounter she had at what is most likely an airport, location redacted.

Here is a condensed version of the exchange:

From: Diane Reynolds
To: Huma Abedin; H
Sent: Sat Jan 30 17:20:00 2010
Subject: Random fyi

Hello my two favorite people who work at the state department- I was delayed and stopped at [Redacted] coming into [Redacted] on [Redacted] and [Redacted] leaving [Redacted](on my flight on the ground). On [Redacted] it took me probably 5 minutes to clear through (everyone else went through while I waited) and tonight it took much longer. People were called out and conferrals happened in rapid Arabic while the then gathered stared at the screen with my data on it. One of the men said I may need to anser a few Qs, I said of course. More conferrals. Ultimately, I didn’t after the senior man pressed a button that clearly removed whatever was troubling the first few. (I had visions of having to call the US Embassy). Strange though isn’t it? Anything I should be concerned abt/we should try to fix?

Hillary: I can’t imagine what it could be–do you know Huma?

Chelsea: Strange isn’t it? Because it happened in and out of [Redacted] And they looked very serious tonight. The young man was upset- he clearly thought it was premature (even after awhile) to allow me to pass thru. Something he saw on the screen? All my travel given my age and sex? Or a less savoury person with the same name??

Hillary: Weren’t you travelling under your own name? Has it ever happened before?

Chelsea: [Long Redaction]. It was odd- particularly tonight. the men could not have been more calm and professional but it was notable- and the woman from the airlines kept saying, this has never happened before (which wasn’t comforting:)). Security here is omnipresent and thorough which I hope translates into effective.
Please don’t worry- it was just odd and I wanted to raise as a fyi.

One can deduce from this transcript that:

– Chelsea travels under an unknown alias
– Hillary is not aware Chelsea travels under said alias

Chelsea can apparently use another name, but not an invented travel history.

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