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Jay-Z Attacks Trump For Reducing Black Unemployment: 'It's Not About Money'

Multi millionaire rapper says money isn't important

 on 29th January 2018 @ 2.06pm
jay z has attacked president donald trump for reducing black unemployment © press
Jay-Z has attacked President Donald Trump for reducing black unemployment

Multi-millionaire rapper Jay-Z has attacked President Donald Trump for reducing black unemployment to the 'lowest ever recorded', saying that it's "not about money." 

Jay-Z's remarks to CNN’s Van Jones when asked if it was ok for Trump to “say terrible things but put money in our pockets" before the rapper replied no “because it’s not about money at the end of the day. Money doesn’t equate to happiness. It doesn’t. That’s missing the whole point.”

The President Tweeted: “Somebody please inform Jay-Z that because of my policies, Black Unemployment has just been reported to be at the LOWEST RATE EVER RECORDED!” 

eminem said hillary clinton and  a f  king turd  would have made a far better president than trump © press
Eminem said Hillary Clinton and 'a f**king turd' would have made a far better President than Trump

Jay-Z, who is worth an estimated $810 million according to Forbes, making the second richest rapper in line to Diddy, has come under fire from fans who say he "lost touch with reality."

Some also took to Twitter to argue that Trump “missed the whole point” when taking credit for the black unemployment figures due to his policies.

CNN's Van Jones unsurprisingly joined in the attack against Trump by saying “someone needs to inform” Trump that he already asked Jay Z whether the black unemployment figures are enough to redeem Trump’s presidency, to which the singer responded with a “powerful” answer.

Despite Trump once being repeatedly named checked and adored by the Hip Hop world, it seems his presidency has conveniently turned the tables as other rappers like Eminem attacked him claiming that Hillary Clinton and “a fucking turd” would have made a far better President.

According to RT Others said the unemployment figures, reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) earlier this month, had nothing to do with Trump at all, instead crediting his predecessor Barack Obama. Several anti-Trump Twitter handles used the exchange to accuse the US president of “trying to take credit” for Obama’s work.

Rep. Gregory Meeks of New York’s 5th Congressional District also chimed in, saying black unemployment remains “unacceptably high” and that “standing on Obama’s laurels don’t reverse Trump’s harmful comments about people of color.”

I just announced on #PoliticsNation that I will NOT attend the State of the Union. Instead, I’ll monitor this President from my office. His current comments about black unemployment, which remains unacceptably high, is just another sign that he doesn’t get it.

jay z  who is worth an estimated  810 million according to forbes  but its not about miney © press
Jay-z, who is worth an estimated $810 million according to Forbes, but its not about miney

One Yale Law School JD claimed Trump was asking the nation to "lie" to Jay-Z by "informing" him that black unemployment has dropped under the president’s tenure. “What policy has he even enacted that could have accomplished this?” Darren Hutchinson wrote.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user Andrea Light called out Trump for having the “least diversified” cabinet in modern times. “How many black people have you employed in high paying positions in the White House?” she asked.

Also your Cabinet is the least diversified in modern presidency Obama's was the most, so don't tweet about Black unemployment. How many Black people have you employed in high paying positions in the White House? @realDonaldTrump

However, Trump’s supporters also took to Twitter to cheer the president and lambast Jay-Z.

Pro-Trump Twitter user @Lrihendry told Jay-Z to “stick to rapping” and to “leave the business of running America to the man who knows what he’s doing – President Donald J. Trump.”

Former Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin and conservative political commentator, David A. Clarke, Jr., touted the success of Trump’s employment policies, while also disregarding Jay-Z’s opinions altogether. “CNN asking Jay-Z for political commentary is akin to asking Sen. Mitch McConnell for commentary on rap music,” he wrote.

Let that sink in folks. LOWEST BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT RATE EVER RECORDED under @realDonaldTrump. Means more black people can find meaningful work. CNN asking Jay-Z for political commentary is akin to asking Sen Mitch McConnell for commentary on rap music.

Blogger JaVonni Brustow called Jay-Z’s remark to CNN the “dumbest remark of the year so far and worse than s***holes,” referencing Trump’s alleged remark about Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations.

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