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Man Vapes Tide Pod In An Attempt To Cheat Death, It Didn't Go Well

Tide Pod Challenge' takes sinister turn

 on 19th January 2018 @ 8.00pm
tide pod challenge  © press
Tide Pod Challenge'

The 'Tide Pod Challenge' has been sweeping the US prompting health authorities to issue warnings, including a complete ban on Youtube, has just gone one step further, Vaping.

One man has taken the poisonous liquid out of the pod in order to vape it. The video was shared on the Instagram account Vape Tricks which revealed the man taking hits on a vape cigarette with the liquid inside.

The LadBible reports: As you'd expect, the dude doesn't look like he enjoys vaping the Tide Pod juice, as he immediately crumples away spluttering in a haze of smoke. Bet his lungs felt clean afterward though.

Thankfully the traumatic experience doesn't look to have affected the guy too much as the vid quickly moves on to him summoning a vape from his mouth like a big fireball.

As if you needed telling, you really shouldn't try doing stunts like this at home - doctors have warned that ingesting the Tide Pods is likely to give you dodgy guts at the very least. In the worst cases, people stupid enough to swallow the pods may even end up getting rushed to A&E, suffering from breathing difficulties and severe burns.

"You'll get burns to the skin, burns to the eyes, and a lot of problems that are more severe. Burns to the respiratory tract, burns to the esophagus," Dr. Joe Krug told WXIN.

Procter & Gamble - Tide's parent company - has already issued a statement responding to the fad, basically reiterating what should really be common sense: just don't do it.

"Our laundry pacs are a highly concentrated detergent meant to clean clothes and they're used safely in millions of households every day," the statement reads.

"They should be only used to clean clothes and kept up, closed and away from children. They should not be played with, whatever the circumstance is, even if it is meant as a joke."

So if you're chowing down on a Tide Pod and end up disintegrating from the inside, you know what to expect. Lovely.

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