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Corey Feldman 'Framed by Marilyn Manson & Satanic Illuminati' for Sexual Battery

Former child star build defense case against allegations

 on 12th January 2018 @ 4.54pm
corey feldman s defense claims the accusers are  working with the illuminati © press
Corey Feldman's defense claims the accusers are 'working with the Illuminati'

Following accusations this week, in which Corey Feldman was named in a sexual battery case, the former child star's legal defense is claiming he was framed.

Feldman's representation has gone into attack mode claiming the Goonies actor is innocent and is being targetted by former band members over a recent tour cancelation. 

He also claims that the female accusers in the case are "Satan worshippers" who are working for singer Marilyn Manson and the Illuminati, according to a report by Perez Hilton.

The report states that the alleged victims in the sexual battery case against Feldman have been threatening to make this kind of attack for months and that they "communicate often with the Illuminati" meaning their allegations can't be trusted.

Evidence has also emerged that includes "photographic evidence that these girls worship Satan."

corey feldman launched hi struth campaign last year to expose hollywood pedophiles © Youtube
Corey Feldman launched hi sTruth Campaign last year to expose Hollywood pedophiles

According to the report, one of the accusers is also directly connected to Manson, with a source who has inside knowledge of Feldman's case telling Hilton:

"One is dating Marilyn Manson, who has openly hated Corey Feldman for a long time now."

Corey Feldman denies claims of sexual battery made against him after a woman accused him of touching her inappropriately in 2017.

“Corey Feldman vehemently denies these egregious accusations,” his rep said in a statement to Us Weekly on Thursday, January 11.

“It goes against everything he believes in and is fighting for — as a victim himself, he is an advocate for victims’ protection and stopping inappropriate behavior towards both children and adults.”

The statement comes after the LAPD confirmed to Us on Thursday that the 46-year-old was listed as a suspect in a sexual battery crime report from Monday, January 8. 

TMZ is reporting that a woman went to a police station to file a report claiming that The Goonies actor “grabbed her ass” early last year.

The claim is being investigated as it is still within the statute of limitations.

corey feldman and his late friend corey haim were abused as children © press
Corey Feldman and his late friend Corey Haim were abused as children

The former child star was also in the news late last year for speaking out against sexual abusers in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal.

The singer and actor, who has talked in the past about being sexually abused as a child actor, wrote about his experiences in a series of tweets and Facebook posts in October. 

The Lost Boys star also claimed that he and frequent costar and close friend Corey Haim, who died of an accidental overdose in 2010, were abused by pedophiles in Hollywood.

The actor sat down with Matt Lauer in October for his first TV interview since announcing a $10 million fundraising campaign to finance a film that would expose an alleged “pedophile ring” in Hollywood.

Feldman said that he has received death threats and went to the police but no action has been taken to protect him, adding to the reason why he won’t yet release the names of the abusers.

“There is a statute of limitations in the state of California,” he said.

“It’s that way only where the movie industry, conveniently enough, is in California … if I went to the police, I would be the one getting sued.”

During his Today show interview, Feldman defended his decision to wait to give names of the alleged harassers, saying:

“I need a team of lawyers and I need a team of security to be around me at all times to keep me safe so I can get this message done.”

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