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Daredevil Jumps From High-Rise Building in Stomach-Churning Video

Russian adrenalin junkie leaps from icy balcony ledge

 on 12th January 2018 @ 3.50pm
russian daredevil jumped from a high rise building in a stomach churning video © YouTube
Russian daredevil jumped from a high-rise building in a stomach-churning video

A Russian daredevil and jumped from the icy balcony ledge of a high-rise building and filmed the stomach-churning stunt.

The adrenalin junkie hung a parachute upside down over the edge before climbing onto the snowy rail.

He then performed a forward somersault off the edge and parachuted to the ground.

Video footage of the daring stunt, in which his friends can be heard calling him an "idiot," has since gone viral.


the daredevil leapt from the snowy balcony © Youtube
The daredevil leapt from the snowy balcony

RT reports: In a display of both bravery and recklessness, the man calmly unwraps his yellow-and-red parachute before jumping off the edge of a balcony.

The next moment, he releases his unpacked parachute and glides for a few seconds before successfully landing on the ground.

All along the jumper is encouraged by his friend who filmed the stunt.

It was all over in just a few seconds, as the distance from the balcony to the ground was hardly suitable for base-jumping.

“I’ll see you,” the friend says, as the man throws himself down, at which point he adds “…idiot.” 

The video has been making waves online, with some commentators hailing the man for his bravery and others calling him plain crazy.

chinese daredevil wu yongning fell to his death while performing a stunt on the roof of a 62 story skyscraper © press
Chinese daredevil Wu Yongning fell to his death while performing a stunt on the roof of a 62-story skyscraper

Just last month, a shocking video emerged that captured the moment Chinese daredevil Wu Yongning fell to his death while performing a stunt on the roof of a 62-story skyscraper.

MORE HERE: Video of Chinese Daredevil Falling to Death From Skyscraper Goes Viral

The footage shows the 26-year-old, who called himself "China's First Rooftopper" plummet to his death after losing his grip while hanging from the side of the tall building.

The short clip of him dying went viral on social media, with some videos of the horrific death plunge reaching over 15 million views.

Fans of Yongning had already been speculating that something wasn't right with their hero after his hugely popular social media accounts had been inactive since November 8th.

Video of the incident was recorded on a camera phone that he had set up himself to document the stunt after he scaled the building alone, without assistance.

Yongning had achieved global fame for his stomach-churning feats, in which he scaled some of the world's tallest buildings to take nauseating selfies.

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