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Fears for Julian Assange's Safety Following Cryptic Tweet

fb4e568623b5f8cf7e932e6ba7eddc0db9f42a712718f488bdc0bf880dd3 - MIA Paper Planes

 on 1st January 2018 @ 1.05pm
concerns are mounting over a cryptic tweet from julian assange s twitter account © press
Concerns are mounting over a cryptic tweet from Julian Assange's Twitter account

Fears are mounting for the safety of Julian Assange following a cryptic tweet posted from his Twitter account with no explanation.

The Wikileaks founder posted, what appears to be, anencrytpion key - fb4e568623b5f8cf7e932e6ba7eddc0db9f42a712718f488bdc0bf880dd3 - along with YouTube video of the song Paper Planes by M.I.A.

The unexplained tweet containing a 60 character code and a popular song has launched a frenzy of speculation as to the hidden meaning behind the message.

Many follow believe it may be a "dead man's switch" which could be a sign he is in danger, while others believe it's a hint towards an imminent Wikileaks drop.

Other internet sleuths have analyzed the lyrics of the song and believe Assange may have been flown to safety by Donald Trump after providing information on elite human traffickers within the US government.

Some have also pointed to recent hints from the infamous whistleblower QAnon as to Assange's whereabouts.

hints from qanon about julian assange s cryptic tweet © press
Hints from QAnon about Julian Assange's cryptic tweet

RT reports: Many wondered if Assange had died and the code was a “dead man’s switch” which would release the organization’s “insurance” files, while others said it was an encryption key signaling that WikiLeaks was set to release a fresh batch of leaked files.

An encryption key is a random collection of numbers and figures used for protecting and unlocking data.

The longer the key is, the harder it is to crack. The string can be unraveled into its original form with the right key.

Assange’s choice of song has also inspired much theorizing among WikiLeaks watchers.

The popular MIA number contains numerous interesting lyrics such as “If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name,” and “I've got more records than the KGB, So, uh, no funny business”.

There are also references to “pirate skulls and bones” and dozens of gunshot and cash register noises on the track.

Many wondered who exactly Assange could be targeting with such references.

some believe the lyrics to the mia song carry a hidden message © twitter
Some believe the lyrics to the MIA song carry a hidden message

The Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where Assange has resided since 2012, was unable to comment on the WikiLeaks founder’s wellbeing when contacted by on Monday.

The message comes following a strange week for Assange on Twitter. On Christmas Day, his account was mysteriously deleted and the US Navy tweeted: “Julian Assange” from its official profile.

WikiLeaks even took the step of confirming that Assange was fine.

His account was restored later in the day. 

While Monday’s message seemed bizarre, it’s not the first time WikiLeaks has published lengthy character codes on Twitter.

In October 2016, the organization published three “pre-commitments” regarding then-US Secretary of State John Kerry, Ecuador, and the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

In that instance, Gizmodo reported that the “pre-commitments” were a mechanism to ensure that unreleased information isn’t tampered with, as altering the information would also change the codes.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden has also used the tactic, tweeting, and subsequently deleting, a similar message in August 2016.

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