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Zelensky Invites Biden to Ukraine Again: ‘It’s Not Even His Choice’

Zelensky has repeatedly invited Biden to Ukraine

 on 27th July 2022 @ 7.00pm
 i mean  not even his choice  it   s his security  it   s their choice   zelensky said © press
'I mean, not even his choice, it’s his security, it’s their choice,' Zelensky said

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he hopes to see President Joe Biden visit his country again, then added he believed Biden had control over his own travel itinerary.

During an interview with the New York Post, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was asked if he was “hopeful” Biden would appear in Kyivif.

Zelensky said:

“I don’t know, that is his choice."

"I mean, not even his choice, it’s his security, it’s their choice.”

Zelensky has repeatedly invited Biden to Ukraine, but Biden has ignored the requests.

Biden snubbed multiple requests by Zelensky to meet to discuss a potential invasion last year.

The 46 President opted instead to meet with Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

The interview bizarrely featured Morgan repeatedly appearing to attempt to undermine Zelensky in front of his wife, demanding he apologize to her for not telling her he would run in the 2019 Ukrainian presidential election, asking if their marriage is strained, then asking Zelensky if he was aware his wife was too beautiful for him.

Morgan also asked substantive questions about the state of the war and Ukraine’s relationship with America.

Zelensky told Morgan it would be “a great signal” of support to the Ukrainian people.

“This would be the highest support."

"And we had huge support from the first lady," he said.

"She met with Olena, and it was the correct visit,” the president said, referring to First Lady Jill Biden’s surprise Mother’s Day visit to Kyiv in May.

“Very, I would say, unexpected. I would say we were waiting for it a lot, but we didn’t expect it to happen."

"These are very important things.”

Zelensky said he would “very much” like a visit from Biden, but “that is his choice. I mean, not even his choice, it’s his security, it’s their choice.”

Zelensky suggested that Biden would visit if he had control of his own schedule.

Zelensky admitted in the interview, with Piers Morgan, that he had had exchanges with Biden that were less than “diplomatic."

He added that no help from the United States would be enough for Ukraine until the latest round of invasion by Russia – which first invaded and colonized parts of the country in 2014 – was over.

“I can tell you that the help would not be sufficient until the war is over, and until we win,” Zelensky said.

“A few times I’ve spoken with President Biden and I told him about our people and about our country, I said, ‘Forgive me if I’m quite firm in my position’ — maybe some things are not very diplomatic."

"But he gave me quite a dignified response, that he understands and he would do the same in my place.”

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