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Top Utah County Official under Investigation for 'Ritualistic Child Sex Abuse Ring'

Sheriff investigating County Attorney David Leavitt after multiple witnesses come forward

 on 22nd July 2022 @ 3.00pm
utah county sheriff mike smith has launched an investigation into the allegations © press
Utah County Sheriff Mike Smith has launched an investigation into the allegations

The Utah County Sheriff's office has launched an investigation into a top official after multiple witnesses have come forward with allegations that County Attorney David Leavitt is running a "ritualistic child sex abuse ring."

Sheriff Mike Smith announced he has launched an investigation into Leavitt and his wife over allegations they have been, raping, cannibalizing, and murderings dozens of children during "rituals."

Smith revealed that the alleged abuse took place up to approximately ten years ago.

The sheriff confirmed that dozens of witnesses and victims came forward at the time and made allegations against at least 15 powerful people allegedly involved in the child abuse ring.

However, the allegations were swept under the rug and never investigated.

The alleged sex ring operated between 1990 and 2010 in Utah, Juab, and Sanpete counties in Utah.

utah county attorney david leavitt is accused of running a  ritualistic child sex abuse ring © press
Utah County Attorney David Leavitt is accused of running a 'ritualistic child sex abuse ring'

In response, County Attorney David Leavitt held a press to dispute the claims.

Leavitt called for the sheriff’s resignation after the allegations were made public.

Leavitt told reporters earlier today that he and his wife were accused of cannibalizing and murdering young children.

Leavitt called the accuser and victim in the case “tragically mentally ill.”

Attorney Leavitt also called for an investigation of Sheriff Smith’s handling of the allegations.

Although the sheriff launched an investigation this week, the allegations started gathering momentum last month.

The following is a report from June regarding the ritualistic abuse case:

Utah County Attorney David Leavitt is calling for an investigation of Sheriff Mike Smith’s handling of allegations involving “ritualistic sex abuse.”
Leavitt called a press conference Wednesday morning after the Utah County Sheriff’s Office told the media the night prior that it is investigating a child sex abuse ring that operated in Utah, Juab, and Sanpete counties between 1990 and 2010.
At the press conference, Leavitt announced that he and his wife were subjects of a child sex abuse investigation approximately 10 years ago, but claimed those allegations were totally untrue.
“I learned that my wife and I were part of those allegations, allegedly that we were guilty of cannibalizing young children, and murdering young children,” Leavitt said.
Leavitt called the victim of the case ‘tragically mentally ill’ and dismissed that he or his wife had ever participated in ritual child sex abuse.
“To have [my wife’s] reputation, her professional character and everything about her life’s work called into question brought into question by a few cheap political opportunists offends me to the depth of my being. It does nothing but to demean the integrity of me, my wife, and 15 other members of this community who had absolutely nothing to do with a discredited case from 15 years ago,” Leavitt said.
Leavitt said the woman’s allegations named “15 to 20” other people and that the case was debunked.
Leavitt suggested the timing of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office announcement of its ‘ritualistic sex abuse’ investigation is politically motivated.
“There is no organized ring of abuse, it was debunked more than 10 years ago, it was dismissed by someone who was not in any respect affiliated with me and it wasn’t even investigated in a serious way by the sex crimes task force of Utah County. That this all occurs less than one week before ballots drop in an election in which I am participating causes me tremendous concern,” he said.
At a hastily-called press conference Wednesday afternoon, Sheriff Smith said Leavitt has his facts wrong.
Smith said the ritual sex abuse investigation involves more than just the case where Leavitt said he and his wife were accused.
“Several times, Mr. Leavitt named himself and mentioned cannibalism and murder. This investigation is about child sex abuse,” Smith said.
“I take exception to any victim coming forward and being categorized as ‘tragically mentally ill’. How dare you. These are victims of crimes who have mustered the courage to come forward and this is what you call them? Mentally ill. How dare you.”
Smith said Leavitt may have compromised their case by making certain statements at the press conference earlier in the day.

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