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Gender Activists Push to Stop Ancient Human Remains Being Identified as Male, Female

Emma Palladino, a Canadian Master’s degree candidate causes backlash

 on 20th July 2022 @ 5.00pm
palladino  who is studying archaeology  asserted that it was  bullshit  to assign gender to an ancient human © press
Palladino, who is studying archaeology, asserted that it was 'bullshit' to assign gender to an ancient human

Gender activists are pushing for anthropologists to cease identifying human remains as male or female because it is not known how ancients would have self-identified.

Archaeologists, criminal forensic psychologists, and anthropologists have long had the skills to identify whether a body is male or female based on a number of traits.

Those included the size and shape of bones.

But far-left activists say this is transphobic because experts don’t know if ancient people identified as a specific gender.

Emma Palladino, a Canadian Master’s degree candidate, said this:

“You might know the argument that the archaeologists who find your bones one day will assign you the same gender as you had at birth."

"So regardless of whether you transition, you can’t escape your assigned sex."

Palladino, who is studying archaeology, asserted that it was “bullshit” to assign gender to an ancient human.

“Labelling remains ‘male’ or ‘female’ is rarely the end goal of any excavation, anyway,” she wrote.

“The ‘bioarchaeology of the individual’ is what we aim for," she said.

"Factoring in absolutely everything we discover about a person into a nuanced and open-ended biography of their life.”

Her tweet received over 44,000 likes.

Palladino has since protected her tweets, but here was one reaction:

The assumption that people thousands of years ago identified as gender non-binary is something that just does not make any sense.

As the College Fix highlights, this isn’t just the mad ravings of one student on Twitter, it’s a growing movement.

“Gender activists have formed a group called the Trans Doe Task Force to “explore ways in which current standards in forensic human identification do a disservice to people who do not clearly fit the gender binary.”

“We propose a gender-expansive approach to human identification by combing missing and unidentified databases looking for contextual clues such as decedents wearing clothing culturally coded to a gender other than their assigned sex,” proclaims the group’s mission statement.

“We maintain our own database of missing and unidentified people who we have determined may be Transgender or gender-variant, as most current database systems do not permit comparison of missing to unidentified across different binary sex categories,” the group writes.

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