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Tom Cotton Warns Biden Letting 'Iran Rush Forward with Nuclear Weapon'

Senator blasts Biden's trip to Middle East to grovel to Arab nations

 on 18th July 2022 @ 8.00pm
tom cotton issued a warning about biden s dealings with iran © press
Tom Cotton issued a warning about Biden's dealings with Iran

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) has warned that Democrat Joe Biden is letting Iran "rush forward" with its ambitions to arm itself with nuclear weapons.

Cotton discussed the ongoing issues surrounding the Middle East while speaking with Fox News host Trey Gowdy during an appearance on "Sunday Night in America." 

Biden recently received widespread criticism for an image of him fist-bumping Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

He gave the overly-warm greeting to MBS after he previously insisted on treating the country as a "pariah" over the murder of a Washington Post journalist in 2018.

Cotton agreed that Biden’s trip was mostly unsuccessful.

However, he added that the United States’ relationship with Saudi Arabia is more complex than one would realize.

"Well, the Saudi government and Trump administration addressed the regrettable killing of Jamal Khashoggi four years ago," Cotton said.

"What we have to realize, though, is that Saudi Arabia has been a partner for 80 years.

"Are they a perfect partner? No, but no one is.

"And if we only took perfect partners we would have no partners or allies. It’s a dangerous world out there.

"It’s not a church picnic.

"We take our allies where we can find them.

"Saudi Arabia, like so many other Arab nations, have been reliable allies against Iran which still to this day chants ‘Death to America'."

He continued to criticize Biden as being uniquely unable to maintain a suitable relationship with Saudi Arabia.

"And for 80 years, American presidents of both parties have figured out ways to work with Saudi Arabia," Cotton said.

"Joe Biden comes along though says he’s going to treat them like a pariah and ostracize them.

"And it’s not surprising that he didn’t accomplish much on this trip for that reason. I hope he can find a way to work with the Saudi government going forward as it works ever more closely with other friends we have in the region like Israel try to stand up to Iran’s campaign of terror and imperial aggression.

"It would make us all safer."

More importantly, Cotton noted, was the need to treat Iran as a proper adversary, something he claims Biden has not properly done.

He explained, "The contrast between Saudi Arabia and Iran is a good one.

"There’s a simple difference between those two countries.

"Saudi Arabia is pro-American and Iran is anti-American, and Joe Biden from his earliest days in the Senate in the 1970s has been a blame America first Democrat.

"He and other Democrats like him always blame America first, and they side with so many of the resistance nations in the world they think are standing up to American power.

"That is why Barack Obama and Joe Biden have been conciliating with Iran for the last 15 years even as under both Barack Obama’s watch and now Joe Biden’s watch, they’ve let Iran rush forward with a nuclear weapon," Cotton added.

Although Biden has pledged to never allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons and promised military forces "as a last resort," Cotton suggested he had more faith in Israel and their Arab allies to maintain a threat against the ayatollahs.

"Joe Biden may be willing to let Iran be just one wrench turn left of a nuclear weapon, I suspect that Israel is not, and whoever wins their elections later this year I suspect to have the united support of people of Israel and its new government and not a few Arab nations as well," Cotton closed.

"It has to take military action against Iran and that’s probably a lot more credible threat to the ayatollahs than Joe Biden finally and begrudgingly saying that he would use military forces to stop Iran from getting the bomb."


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