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DeSantis Drops Hammer on 'Woke' Left: 'Men Can't Get Pregnant'

Florida governor slams leftist gender claims

 on 15th July 2022 @ 3.00pm
desantis asserted that men can t get pregnant © press
DeSantis asserted that men can't get pregnant

Florida's Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has shot down the "woke" Left's radical claims about gender by asserting that only women can get pregnant and men cannot.

The governor made the assertion during a Thursday press conference in Putnam County, Florida.

Video shows DeSantis looking exasperated as he references liberal activist claims that men can become pregnant.

"Can we actually agree that women get pregnant and not men?” he asked.

"It’s just unbelievable some of the stuff that you’re hearing about that.”

Democrat Joe Biden’s administration has joined woke activists in accusing those who state that men cannot get pregnant of being "transphobic."

Leftists claim that making such statements about simple biology are attacks against people who identify as transgender.

And as transgender activism gains momentum, social media platforms are censoring accounts for posting that transgender women are actually biological men.

DeSantis fired back at the movement.


The governor similarly weighed in on transgender activism during a public appearance in May as he discussed biologically male swimmer Lia Thomas, who identifies as a woman and swam in the NCAA Women’s Swimming and Diving Championship.

"You have a swimmer that swims on the men’s team for three years and then, all of a sudden, says they’re gonna identify as a woman swimmer and swim against the women,” DeSantis said.

"And then they give that the national championship over these women who’ve been training for a long time,” he continued.

"And the second place was actually from Florida, who had won a silver medal in the Olympics.

"So, she got robbed of a national championship because the NCAA is really trying to make us complicit in something that’s false.”

DeSantis emphasized that proponents of this ideology seek to “stifle dissent,” saying, “We are absolutely going to be on guard to fight back against that.”

"And they don’t want to have to put their ideas to scrutiny,” he added.

"Because, if you’re telling me things like a man can get pregnant, that’s not true.”

During the Thursday press conference, DeSantis announced his endorsement of 16 local school board candidates described by his team as “pro-parent” and “pro-student.”

The candidates have pledged to run on the governor’s education agenda: “Putting Students First, Protecting Parents’ Rights.”

"School board members are on the frontlines of protecting parents’ rights and setting our students up for success,” the governor said in a Thursday statement.

"It’s crucial we have strong candidates who are committed to advancing our pro-parent, student-first agenda in Florida.”

"These candidates will ensure our students succeed, protect parental rights in education, and combat the woke agenda from infiltrating public schools at the local school board level,” he added.

"I am pleased to endorse these additional pro-parent candidates for their school board races across the state of Florida.”

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