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Elon Musk Ends $44B Deal to Buy Twitter: 'The Purge Is Coming'

Billionaire accuses company of refusing to provide data on fake accounts

 on 9th July 2022 @ 1.00pm
elon musk has ended his deal to buy twitter © press
Elon Musk has ended his deal to buy Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has ended his deal to buy Twitter, accusing the company of refusing to provide data on fake accounts and censorship practices.

Musk announced he was pulling out of the deal in a Friday SEC filing.

The move has prompted widespread calls for a mass "purge" from the social media giant as hopes for it being saved wither.

Musk, who has asked from the beginning for data regarding how many spambots and fake accounts there are across the social media site, sent a letter through his attorneys alleging that information had not been provided.

He is now demanding that the agreement be terminated.

“Mr. Musk and his financial advisors at Morgan Stanley have been requesting critical information from Twitter as far back as May 9, 2022—and repeatedly since then—on the relationship between Twitter’s disclosed mDAU figures and the prevalence of false or spam accounts on the platform,” the letter stated in part.

"Notwithstanding these repeated requests over the past two months, Twitter has still failed to provide much of the data and information responsive to Mr. Musk’s repeated requests," the letter adds.

"Holy s***,” Dave Rubin responded.

"The party really is over here.

"The purge is coming. …

"Think about the bot/manipulation/corruption he found out about while doing due diligence.

"Probably can’t say anything because of non-disclosures.

"This explains Twitter’s more brazen suspensions and the increased shadowbanning lately.

"What a s***hole.”

"This was the last chance that something decent could be salvaged from the nightmare that Big Tech could become,” Rubin continued.

"The time to build new things was a long time ago."

Outkick founder and radio host Clay Travis suggested there still might be more to the situation than meets the eye, noting that the deal could still potentially be renegotiated.

"Elon Musk says he’s not buying Twitter for $44 billion because of all the bots & fake accounts,” he said.

"Twitter says it’s suing him to compel purchase.

"I’d bet on a lower purchase price being negotiated before all is done here."

"Welp, the communists still run Twitter. Not good,” Robby Starbuck tweeted.

"I get why @elonmusk is pulling out of the deal because it’s pretty clear there’s a spam problem but cultural Marxists in control of the online public square is NOT good going into critical elections.

"Censorship will intensify."

“Who ever saw this coming? Oh, wait. Everybody,” MSNBC host Joe Scarborough added.

“Elon Musk has terminated his deal to buy Twitter. But perhaps he’s got something up his sleeve,” Steven Crowder mused.

Twitter responded to the news as well, saying that they intended to hold Musk to the deal.

But Ashley St. Clair offered an alternative: “Elon Musk should just do a public boxing match with Parag Agrawal winner takes Twitter.”

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