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Bank Pushes New 'Woke' Policy, Triggers Mass Exodus of Customers

Claims 'pronouns matter' for 'inclusion & equality,' fires back at customers who disagree

 on 5th July 2022 @ 10.00pm
the bank fired back at customers who disagree with  woke  policy © press
The bank fired back at customers who disagree with 'woke' policy

A British bank has triggered a mass exodus of customers after pushing its new "woke" policy and then firing back at account-holders who disagreed with the radical agenda.

Halifax Bank promoted its new pronoun policy on social media.

The bank tweeted an image of a nametag for “Gemma” that also declares her “she/her/hers” pronouns

The post included a caption that says “pronouns matter.”

Despite claiming the move was about "inclusivity," the bank then told customers who object to the "woke" agenda to close their accounts.

One user replied that he “was hoping this was a joke” and is now considering taking his business elsewhere.

In response, a Halifax representative named Lee said that the company strives for “inclusion and equality.”

Another user replied by noting that there is “no ambiguity” about the female name “Gemma,” calling the post “pathetic virtue signaling” and asking Halifax why it is “trying to alienate people.”

An apparently even woker Halifax representative named “AndyM” then told the user he is “welcome to close your account” if he disagrees with “our values.”

Indeed, several users took the representative’s advice and ceased doing business with Halifax.

One account holder told The Daily Mail that they have already pulled out “investments and savings worth £450,000” — nearly $550,000.

Many others “said they are closing ISAs, cutting up credit cards or transferring balances to rivals,” according to the outlet.

Some high-profile customers followed suit.

"I’m a homosexual man,” Gareth Roberts, a former Doctor Who scriptwriter, said on Twitter, noting that he has been a customer with the bank since 1988.

"I’m appalled by your adoption of this homophobic, woman-hating claptrap, and by your attitude to customers making perfectly reasonable objections to it."

The willingness to cancel accounts appears to run in both directions.

Halifax’s website explains that “transphobic” behavior may lead the company to end relations with a customer — or even involve law enforcement.

“We stand against discrimination and inappropriate behavior in all forms, whether racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or ableist, regardless of whether this happens in our branches, offices, over the phone or online on our social media channels,” the website says.

“Such action may include account closure or contacting the police if necessary.”

Indeed, the United Kingdom has codified criminal offenses for so-called hate speech.

The Public Order Act of 1986, for example, bans individuals from using “threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviors that causes, or is likely to cause, another person harassment, alarm or distress.”

The law covers language deemed to incite “racial and religious hatred” as well as “hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation.”

At least in the United States, consumers would prefer brands to stop preaching and pursue profits.

According to an Echelon Insights poll, while 29% of respondents agreed it is a “good thing” for companies to leverage their financial power for political or social means supported by executives, 58% — twice as many — said it is a “bad thing.”

Vivek Ramaswamy, an entrepreneur who recently launched an anti-woke hedge fund, told “Morning Wire” that even for progressive investors who want to see their favorite causes advance, the best way to do so is not through a corporate entity.

"The way you would want to do it is to generate wealth for yourself that you can donate philanthropically,” he said.

"And the way you generate wealth for yourself is through a capital market that most effectively enhances return.

"But what you’re doing through a politicized economy is effectively handing that power over instead to a small group of investment institutions, to the corporate boardrooms of this country that aren’t even the most effective ways of advancing your political agenda, even if you wanted to — say, from the progressive side or from the left-wing side.”

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