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Jeanine Pirro: Americans 'Too Smart' for Biden to 'Lie His Way to Next Election'

Judge Jeanine says voters won't forget Joe Biden's actions in office

 on 21st June 2022 @ 11.00pm
judge jeanine pirro says biden can t  lie his way to the next election © press
Judge Jeanine Pirro says Biden can't 'lie his way to the next election'

Judge Jeanine Pirro has warned Democrat Joe Biden that he won't be able to "lie his way to the next election” in 2024 because the American people are "too smart."

The Fox News host said voters won't fall for it if Biden tries to shift the blame for his own failures during his first term in office.

"We have a president of the United States who doesn't know how to lead," Pirro told her co-hosts on the rush-hour panel show “The Five.”

Pirro and her co-hosts were discussing the state of the economy and Biden’s prospects for reelection.

They also noted that a number of Democrats now seem ready to say that Biden should step aside before 2024.


Co-host Dana Perino began the segment by pointing out the fact that there were a number of Democrats who were “openly saying he should not run again in 2024.”

“Yeah, they’re openly saying it because they don’t want to lose because they know he’s nothing more than an anchor around their neck,” Pirro replied.

She then turned to co-host and former Congressman Harold Ford Jr. (D-TN).

Ford had suggested that if Biden truly wanted to turn things around he should listen to the expert economists when he didn’t like what they said as much as when he did — and work with oil companies rather than against them if he wanted to bring down the cost of gas.

“You know, I like everything that you say, Harold, but here’s the problem: We have a President of the United States who doesn’t know how to lead, so he doesn’t know how to do all those things that you suggest that he does," Pirro continued.

She went on to argue that Biden had surrounded himself with people who were “lying to us about the economy, about inflation.”

"The American people know inflation is at 8.6%.

"The feds are raising the interest rate.

"Consumers aren’t as interested as they were in purchasing.

"And what we’ve got is one-quarter of negative GDP, and we’re coming to the next quarter.

"What is Biden’s answer?

"He’s so clueless, that man, that he segues to electric vehicles," Pirro continued.

"They ask him about the recession, and he talks about electric vehicles.”

"I don’t know any — I don’t know any veteran, any senior citizen, I don’t know anyone working paycheck to paycheck, which is a big piece of this country, who has $60,000 to buy an electric car,” she siad.

"He is tone-deaf.

"Everything he says is not accurate in terms of this economy.

"And he can’t lie his way to the next election,” she concluded.

"You just can’t.

"American people are too smart.”

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