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Billionaire John Kerry Claims 'We Don't' Need to Increase Drilling as Gas Prices Soar

Joe Biden's 'climate czar' dismisses 'false narrative' about energy costs

 on 15th June 2022 @ 9.00pm
john kerry says  we don t  need to increase drilling to tackle gas prices © press
John Kerry says 'we don't' need to increase drilling to tackle gas prices

Democrat Joe Biden's billionaire "climate czar" John Kerry has claimed that "we don't" need to increase domestic oil output to tackle soaring gas prices.

Kerry, Biden's "Special Presidential Envoy for Climate," made the remarks during an interview last week.

He argues that "energy security worry is driving" the thinking that there is a need for additional drilling and for going "back to coal."

However, he flatly rejected those notions.

"No, we don't. We absolutely don't," declared Kerry, whose family owns a fleet of private jets.

"We have to prevent a false narrative from entering into this or ... we are cooked."

climate alarmist john kerry travels everywhere by private jet   his family owns a fleet of them © press
Climate alarmist John Kerry travels everywhere by private jet - his family owns a fleet of them

Kerry's comments come as Democrats continue to peddle climate alarmism, even as Americans shell out beaucoup bucks filling up their gas tanks amid skyrocketing fuel prices.

As of Tuesday, the AAA national average price for a gallon of regular gas is a whopping $5.016.

Rapidly rising fuel costs result in higher transportation costs, which can also lead to higher prices for all sorts of goods and services.

"I disagree with the Climate Czar on this one: we absolutely must drill for more oil and gas," Vivek Ramaswamy tweeted.

"Relying on foreign oil imports while pretending to use wind & solar is not a feasible strategy."

"The arrogance and elitism of this…" Jason Howerton commented.

"I still can't figure out which character from 'Animal Farm' John Kerry is playing," Jazz Shaw tweeted.

"A guy who doesn’t have to worry about gas prices because of his family’s money and wife’s money has no problem saying something as elitist as this," Dana Loesch tweeted.

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley's press secretary Abigail Marone quipped, "hey @JohnKerry i will give you my venmo if you want to pay for my next tank of gas to compensate for your idiotic policies."

joe biden invented the role of  special presidential envoy for climate  for his old friend john kerry © press
Joe Biden invented the role of 'Special Presidential Envoy for Climate' for his old friend John Kerry

Prior to his current post, Kerry served as Secretary of State during a portion of President Barack Obama's tenure in office.

Kerry, who spent more than two decades serving as a U.S. Senator from the state of Massachusetts, lost the 2004 presidential election to incumbent Republican President George W. Bush.

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