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Biden's FCC Nominee Gives Speech Blasting 'Right-Wing Propaganda Machine'

Gigi Sohn attends events calling for breakup of conservative Sinclair Broadcasting Group

 on 14th June 2022 @ 11.00pm
joe biden s  woke  fcc nominee gigi sohn is accused of left wing bias © press
Joe Biden's 'woke' FCC nominee Gigi Sohn is accused of left-wing bias

Democrat Joe Biden's "woke" FCC commissioner nominee gave a speech at an event calling for the breakup of the so-called "right-wing propaganda machine."

Biden's nomination, Gigi Sohn, spoke at a partisan event touting an FCC-led breakup of conservative media organization Sinclair Broadcasting Group.

The appearence adds to mounting evidence that Sohn is hopelessly partisan.

The appointment of leftist Sohn would break the current 2-2 FCC tie in favor of the Democrats.

While FCC commissioners have a party affiliation, with two Democrat commissioners, two Republican commissioners, and one chair position typically held by whichever party holds the White House, commissioners are expected to remain relatively non-partisan in their outlook on regulation.

However, wokester Sohn is doing little to hide her radical leftist ambitions.

gigi sohn is the most radical nominee sent to the senate by the biden admin © press
Gigi Sohn is the most radical nominee sent to the Senate by the Biden admin

With her nomination already on the ropes, Sohn has now attended an event organized by the far-left company Movement Labs (formerly “Resistance Labs”).

Movement Labs gleefully touts the potential for Sohn to use the powers of the FCC to target conservative media.

"Rupert Murdoch has corralled far-right Senate Republicans” into torpedoing Sohn’s nomination, declares the Movement Labs press release.

"Who is this pinnacle of trust-busting that has earned the ire of evil?

"Gigi Sohn, founder of Public Knowledge and nominee to the FCC, where she would fill out a 3-2 progressive majority capable of breaking up Sinclair’s right-wing propaganda machine.”

Sohn attending the meeting reinforces her reputation as arguably the most partisan appointee sent to the Senate by the Biden White House.

She has accused Fox News of being “state propaganda” under Trump.

She is also tied to far-left activists and praised an organization that described policing as a “violent institution that must end.” 

gigi sohn has done little to hide her leftist ambitions for censoring conservatives © press
Gigi Sohn has done little to hide her leftist ambitions for censoring conservatives

Sohn also attended a far-left protest in favor of “net neutrality,” organized by a group that later harassed FCC commissioners in their homes.

She also personally called on the FCC to investigate the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, which is likely why progressive groups like MovementLabs are touting the potential for future regulatory action against the conservative-leaning network of local TV stations.

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