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Elon Musk Grills Twitter over Repeated Death Threats to Popular Conservative Account

Tesla CEO calls out company as Libs of TikTok account gets numerous threats

 on 14th June 2022 @ 8.00pm
elon musk blasted twitter over the death threats © press
Elon Musk blasted Twitter over the death threats

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has called out Twitter over the repeated death threats directed at the popular conservative account Libs of TikTok.

Libs of TikTok is an account run by Chaya Raichik that exposes leftwing hypocrisy and wokeness.

On Monday, Libs of TikTok tweeted a screenshot from another account that stated it had sent Raichik a “pipe bomb for literally supporting Nazi bigots.”

Raichik had previously remained anonymous by was recently doxxed by far-left blogger Taylor Lorenz’s hit piece on Libs of TikTok for Jeff Bezos' The Washington Post.

"This is what it’s like to be a woman on the internet who got doxed by a newspaper owned by the world’s richest man: actual death threats and encouragement of suicide,” leftist blogger Glenn Greenwald responded.

"Since liberal outlets only care when this happens to rich, famous national journalists, they’ll ignore this.”

“Exactly,” Libs of TikTok responded.

“And I received about another 5 death threats in addition to this since yesterday.”

She later added, “I have now received about a dozen death threats after radical leftists accused me of being a domestic terrorist extremist.

"Twitter has not removed any of the accounts of those who sent the threats.”

Musk then responded to the tweet from Libs of TikTok, writing: “Why? @Twitter”

Musk’s response comes after he purchased the social media company back in April for $54.20 per share in a deal valued at $44 billion.

He is expected to take control of the company when the deal is finalized in the Fall.

Musk has previously weighed in on other political issues involving the platform, including the platform’s decision to censor the explosive story about a laptop belonging to Democrat Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, before the 2020 election.

“Vijaya Gadde, the top censorship advocate at Twitter who famously gaslit the world on Joe Rogan’s podcast and censored the Hunter Biden laptop story, is very upset about the @elonmusk takeover,” political commentator Saagar Enjeti wrote on Twitter.

Musk responded a short time later, writing: "Suspending the Twitter account of a major news organization for publishing a truthful story was obviously incredibly inappropriate.”

the libs of tiktok account is run by chaya raichik © press
The Libs of TikTok account is run by Chaya Raichik

The head of Twitter’s Site Integrity Team told the Federal Election Commission (FEC) that the company censored the story because U.S. intelligence officials shared “rumors” that Biden would be the target of a hack, despite no evidence emerging that the information in the New York Post’s reporting came from a hack.

Then-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told the House Energy and Commerce Committee during a hearing last year that the company made a “mistake” by censoring the story.

“We recognize it as a mistake that we made, both in terms of the intention of the policy and also the enforcement action of not allowing people to share it publicly or privately,” Dorsey said.

“We made a quick interpretation, using no other evidence, that the materials in the article were obtained through hacking and, according to our policy, we blocked them from being spread.”

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