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Tulsi Gabbard Rebukes Jan 6 Hearings: 'This Is Not America'

Former Democrat congresswoman blasts anti-Trump hearings

 on 11th June 2022 @ 1.00pm
tulsi gabbard says the jan 6 hearing are  not america © press
Tulsi Gabbard says the Jan 6 hearing are 'not America'

Former Democrat congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has rebuked the anti-Trump Jan. 6 hearings.

Gabbard blasted the Democrats for weaponizing Congress to smear President Donald Trump, warning that "this is not America."

Gabbard, a former Democratic presidential candidate, slammed the hearings when she appeared with Tucker Carlson on Thursday night.

Democrats running the hearings are being aided by former ABC News president James Goldston.

Goldston is helping produce the hearings shown in primetime starting Thursday night.

“This is not America,” Gabbard declared.

democrats are using the capitol riot to smear trump © press
Democrats are using the Capitol riot to smear Trump

“Why are the news networks colluding with a political party to tell us this is the most important thing?” Carlson asked.

“Because whether you’re talking about the mainstream media or you’re talking about Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, or Congress, frankly, they don’t care about the real threats that we face domestically to our freedoms and our democracy,” Gabbard replied.

“Instead, they’re focusing on this; they don’t want to deal with the real issues that Americans are struggling with every day across the country: increasing inflation, rising gas prices, increasing crime, open borders.”

After ripping Congress for its focus on the Russia-Ukraine war rather than domestic issues, Gabbard continued, “So this goes back to what are their priorities?

"Every member of Congress takes an oath of office and swears to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

"Well, the Constitution provides all of us with very specific rights and freedoms enshrined in that Constitution.”

“Right now we’ve got the Biden administration, we’ve got the Department of Justice, the mainstream media, Big Tech, all colluding to undermine our rights and civil liberties and freedoms,” she stated.

“I don’t see Congress taking action to address and deal with that threat.

"So if they really wanted to uphold their oath they swore, that’s exactly what they should be focused on right now.”

“Members of Congress are not – again, they don’t have their priorities straight,” Gabbard snapped.

“So much of this has been politicized; it’s been sensationalized with very specific objectives that have nothing to do with upholding the Constitution or what’s in the best interests of the country and the American people, and I think that the way that this hearing has been actually not even so-called produced, it’s literally being produced by somebody I think who is from ABC News in order to try to come with an objective that has nothing to do, again, with what’s best for the people, what’s best for the Constitution.

"They’re trying to achieve their own political interests. And it’s just really sad that they’re abusing their power in order to do that.”

“This is the kind of propaganda show that we used to make fun of when it took place in totalitarian [countries] when you were a kid,” Carlson recalled.

“Do you remember that?

"We had this vibrant, lively news media and people debated things, and we’d look over at these totalitarian hellholes and say, ‘They turn on their TVs and they get this pre-produced lying.’

"How shocking is this?”

“This is not America,” Gabbard said bluntly.

“This is what’s so crazy and what’s angering and sad; all of these things at the same time is: This is not the vision that our Founders had for America.”

democrats are using the televised hearings to convince voters that trump led an  insurrection © press
Democrats are using the televised hearings to convince voters that Trump led an 'insurrection'

“And these people who serve in the people’s house, members of Congress literally go to work every day in the people’s house,” Gabbard pointed out.

“And it just seems like so many of them have forgotten that’s who they work for and it’s such a privilege to have that responsibility; I’m grateful to have had it.

"And to see them going every day and abusing that privilege, abusing that responsibility, and not at all focused on what’s in the best interests of the people should be concerning for every American across the country.”

“And that’s why we have elections; we have the opportunity to fire those who are not putting the American people and our country first,” she concluded.


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