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Joy Behar: Republicans Will End Second Amendment 'Once Black People Get Guns'

'The View' co-host claims African Americans can't access firearms

 on 9th June 2022 @ 11.00pm
joy behar says gop will change laws  once black people get guns © press
Joy Behar says GOP will change laws 'once black people get guns'

"The View" co-host Joy Behar has claimed that Republicans will move to repeal the Second Amendment "once black people get guns."

During Wednesday's broadcast of the controversial ABC show, the panel played footage of the son of a Buffalo shooting victim testifying before Congress Tuesday.

The hearing comes weeks after a teenage gunman, a self-described “white supremacist,” opened fire inside a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, and killed ten people.

The co-hosts blamed Republicans for opposing stricter gun laws and the domestic terrorism bill.

The bill seeks to create domestic terrorism offices in three federal agencies.

Co-host Joy Behar claimed GOP lawmakers voted the domestic terror bill down because “their voters” are "terrorists."

joy behar claims republican will want to ban firearms  once black people get guns © press
Joy Behar claims Republican will want to ban firearms 'once black people get guns'

Guest co-host Lindsey Granger said many gun owners across America do want to see new laws passed in order to create effective change.

Co-host Sunny Hostin said the Republican Party voted against legislation intended to combat white supremacy and argued action against terrorism, as seen from 911, works.

"But let’s talk about domestic terrorism and white supremacy which is the issue that he was talking about,” Hostin said.

"Why did the Republican Party vote down that?

"When you talk about what happened on 911, and that was Islamic terror, that’s only 20% of the terrorism that affected this country.

"We upended our entire airline industry, our entire security system, and that type of threat never happened again.

"Seventy-five percent of the terrorism that happens here is from the political right and its white supremacy.

"We have done nothing to address it."

Granger argued there has been change since the Buffalo shooting because the shooter was charged with domestic terrorism.

She said citizens need to vote for conservative or liberal candidates that will make progress in the country.

"If you want me to sit up here and speak for every single Republican in Congress, I can’t do that,” Granger said.

"I can speak for being a black woman that’s a conservative.

"And I know what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong.

"And that is wrong, okay?

"A man going in a grocery store and killing black people is wrong, because they’re black is wrong.”

The argument shifted to the question of owning an AR-15, which Granger argued in favor of the right to purchase the rifle for the purpose of self-defense.

"There are people in this country that genuinely own guns and just do so for the same reason that we all set up…” Granger began.

"An AR-15?” Behar interjected.

Granger pointed to a story of a black man in Connecticut who built his own AR-15 to protect his family.

"Once black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change, trust me,” Behar said.

joy behar made the statement while discussing the recent buffalo  new york shooting © press
Joy Behar made the statement while discussing the recent Buffalo, New York shooting

Pew Research data from 2021 shows that 4-in-10 adults live in a household with a gun and 30% personally own one, according to The Daily Caller.

Nearly a quarter, 24%, of black Americans personally own a firearm, while 13% live in a household with a gun owner.

In 2020, gun purchases by black men and women increased by 58%, the highest increase in gun sales, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

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