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Hunter's Prostitute Got $20k Taxpayer Money Just after Joe Biden Sworn In

Cheryl Deboves hit the jackpot when Bidens moved into White House

 on 7th June 2022 @ 8.00pm
hunter biden s prostitute received  20k just after joe biden entered white house © press
Hunter Biden's prostitute received $20k just after Joe Biden entered White House

Hunter Biden's prostitute, who features heavily on his notorious "Laptop from Hell," received a check for over $20,000 in taxpayer money just after his father was sworn into office.

Las Vegas call girl Cheryl Deboves hit the jackpot after the Bidens moved into the White House when she was handed $20,207, courtesy of the American taxpayer.

According to federal records, Deboves received the tax dollars from the federal government for her “female owned sole proprietorship.”

The money was given to Deboves under the coronavirus Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) bailout.

She listed the funding as saving one job in the field of “Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers.”

But unless she changed professions after Joe Biden’s troubled son abandoned his laptop in a Delaware computer repair shop, her "writing and performing" work was hardly worthy of taxpayer subsidy.

hunter biden s prostitute cheryl deboves got over  20k in taxpayer money © press
Hunter Biden's prostitute Cheryl Deboves got over $20k in taxpayer money

“Honestly babe the problem is you have too many girls there,” she wrote in one August 2018 text to the younger Biden.

“I understand you like a lot of girls but that’s fine do one at a time at the tops to Which is fine but just hire the second girl for like 1 hour.”

Other text exchanges between Hunter Biden and Deboves, who had pled no contest to a charge of prostitution in November 2017, are wildly inappropriate for a family-friendly news site and revolve around sex, partying, and drug deals gone awry.

Hunter Biden’s reply to the message above implied that the first son was committed to orgies over one-on-one assignations.

“Yes I do want you to come over but with the confidence that with me it’s not an either or for who stays and who goes,” he wrote.

The next week, Hunter Biden tasked her with buying crack supplies for him.

“Hey babe don’t you need a pipe and chore?” she wrote.

When Deboves didn’t return, Biden texted her, “WTF babe where are you.”

Her reply was disturbing.

"baby I am so sorry listen I’m not trying to take advantage of you but I spent all of the money that you got me on black,” she texted.

"I went to Walmart to get needles babe.”

On August 23, 2018, Deboves texted Hunter Biden to say drug dealers were threatening her, and she begged for his help.

“Eric keeps threatening me, and now he has someone named keaton threatening me too who just got out of prison or whatever,” she wrote.

"Can you please help me? Like he scares me a lot.

"I hate it when men threaten women."

There was no reply from Hunter Biden on the laptop, which Joe Biden, much of the press, and social media platforms suppressed as “Russian disinformation” before the 2020 election, but have now widely acknowledged as authentic.

The text messages between Deboves and Hunter Biden paint the picture of a desperate and broken soul clinging to the venal degenerate whose father was on the verge of becoming the leader of the free world.

“You told me to download [Cash app] you told me that you would definitely text me back or call me back you told me that you would,” she pleaded on August 31.

But that message was ignored and Hunter Biden seemingly ghosted her for months, ignoring messages such as “Can you PLEASE CALL me its a emergency!!!!!”

Then, on February 28, 2019, he texted her.

“Hi beautiful how are you been too long,” Biden wrote, also asking her to FaceTime naked.

He arranged to pay her to ensure her phone plan would have data for the call. 

On March 1, he sent her $500 through Venmo, according to emails on his laptop.

On April 7, 2021, shortly after Joe Biden was inaugurated, Deboves received the $20,207 Paycheck Protection Loan.

The loans are generally forgiven, hence amounting to a grant.

The PPP program was intended to help businesses retain jobs in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Debove’s loan went to her individually rather than to a business, noting that it was a “female owned” sole proprietorship.

Payments from the big-spending PPP program subsidizing criminals was potentially so common that another PPP payment was also given to an individual using the same address as Deboves, Melissa Underbrink, on May 5, 2021, even though she appears to have been in prison for credit card theft until late 2019.

The federal check was to a “Self-employed Individual” listing the industry “All Other Personal Services,” and was also listed as saving one job.

According to Nevada Department of Corrections records, Underbrink began a one- to four-year sentence for burglary, drug trafficking, and possession of a stolen credit card in early 2018 and was released in late 2019.

The Small Business Administration, which administers the PPP program, bars most recent criminals from getting the loans.

“A business is ineligible due to an owner’s criminal history” if the owner “has been convicted of, pleaded guilty or nolo contendere to, or commenced any form of parole or probation (including probation before judgment) for, a felony involving fraud, bribery, embezzlement, or a false statement in a loan application or an application for federal financial assistance within the last five years,” the program’s website warns.

The application form asks the applicant about this criminal history.

cheryl deboves received her tax dollars just after joe biden entered the white house © press
Cheryl Deboves received her tax dollars just after Joe Biden entered the White House

The federal government gave more than 83,000 loans totaling about a billion dollars to individuals who claimed to be working as “Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers.”

Some seem dubious or at best opaque, such as “Rizza4Shizza,” which collected $17,000.

On May 26, the SBA’s Inspector General said the levels of fraud present in the PPP program were “unprecedented,” and that SBA “did not have an organizational structure with clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and processes to manage and handle potentially fraudulent Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans across the program.

"In addition, the agency did not establish a centralized entity to design, lead, and manage fraud risk.

"This problem occurred because the agency did not establish a sufficient fraud risk framework at the start of and throughout PPP implementation.”

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