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Joy Behar: Elon Musk ‘Is a Self-Important Bore, Let Him Go to Space’

'Thew View' rips into Tesla CEO

 on 4th June 2022 @ 9.00pm
 let him go into space  let him go into space  i test drove a tesla one time   behar said © press
'Let him go into space, let him go into space. I test drove a Tesla one time,' Behar said

Leftist co-host of ABC’s “The View” Joy Behar declared that Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is “a self-important bore.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg said:

“Elon Musk is ordering his employees to get back to work in person and spend at least 40 hours in the office.”

“He claims the company would have gone bankrupt if he hadn’t been on the factory line with workers and said anyone who defies the orders can, quote, ‘Pretend to work someplace else.’

"Now, just want to point out, he did become the richest person in the world while his employees were working from home,” she added.

the host slammed musk for demanding his workers  return to the office © press
The host slammed Musk for demanding his workers 'return to the office'

“So does he really need them all to be back in the office, and then are we talk about the office, or are we talking about the assembly floor," she added.

"I could not figure out which he was talking about.

"Because if he’s talking about to assemble the cars, that makes perfect sense.

"I don’t know," Goldberg said.

Co-host Sara Haines responded:

“I understood it to be the office.

"Okay, because the factory, the assembly line would change everything.”

Goldberg said, “Yeah. Why do they need to be back?”

“It is not like here.

"They’re not televising it?

"Why do they need to go in? It doesn’t make sense," she asked.

behar blasted musk s tesla cars saying she got a a  real panic attack in that car © press
Behar blasted Musk's Tesla cars saying she got a a 'real panic attack in that car'

Goldberg added, “You don’t own the people. You know that, right? You don’t own them.”

Behar chimed in:

“He’s a self-important bore, OK.”

“And let him go into space, let him go into space.

"I test drove a Tesla one time,” she added.

“I was scared of the car.

"I’m scared of that car.

"It goes ba-boom and has a computer, and I got a real panic attack in that car, number one.”

“Number two, people need to go back to work because where else are you going to meet somebody?”

“You know what I mean?

"Not everybody can go on Tinder and whatever else people are doing.

"This is where you meet people.”

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