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Michael Moore: ‘It Is Time to Repeal the 2nd Amendment’

Leftist filmmaker calls on government to strip citizens of gun rights

 on 25th May 2022 @ 10.00pm
michael moore is demanding the government moves to  repeal the 2nd amendment © press
Michael Moore is demanding the government moves to 'repeal the 2nd Amendment'

Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore is calling on the U.S. Government to "repeal the Second Amendment."

Speaking Tuesday on “MSNBC Prime” Moore was responding to the deadly mass shooting at a Texas elementary school that has left at least 19 children and two adults dead.

Moore used the incident to demand that law-abiding American citizens are stripped of their God-given constitutional rights to own guns and defend themselves.

Moore argued his case by claiming that Americans are "violent people."

"We will not acknowledge that we are a violent people, to begin with," Moore said.

"This country was birthed in violence with genocide of the native people at the barrel of a gun."

michael moore was responding to tragic shooting at a texas elementary school © press
Michael Moore was responding to tragic shooting at a Texas elementary school

"This country was built on the backs of slaves with a gun to their backs to build this country into the country that we got to have," Moore continued.

"We do not want to acknowledge or two original sins here that have a gun behind the ability behind our ability to become who we became.

"I don’t want to nickel and dime this.

"I don’t think that that is going to do it.

"I think we need some really drastic action here.

"We need a moratorium, perhaps, on gun sales.

"Who will say on this network or on any other network in the next few days it is time to repeal the Second Amendment?

"You cannot say that. Well, why not? Why not?"

michael moore is demanding an end to the second amendment © press
Michael Moore is demanding an end to the Second Amendment

"I truly believe if Jefferson, Madison, and Washington if they all knew that the bullet would be invented — some 50 years after our revolution, I don’t know if they would have written it that way," Moore said.

"They didn’t even know what a bullet was.

"It didn’t exist until the 1830s.

"They had any idea that there would be this kind of carnage.

"You have to believe that the Founders of the country would not support it.

"I support all gun control legislation.

"Not sensible gun control legislation.

"We don’t need the sensible stuff.

"We need the hard-core stuff that is going to protect ourselves and our children.”

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