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Democrat Rep: Americans Should Help Fight Inflation by Having More Abortions

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) pushes shocking claims on MSNBC

 on 13th May 2022 @ 10.00pm
rep  katie porter  d ca  says americans should be having more abortions © press
Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) says Americans should be having more abortions

Democrat Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) has claimed that Americans should be having more abortions to help fight high inflation in Joe Biden's America.

Porter offered the shocking argument to defend her pro-abortion views while appearing on MSNBC's "The Last Word" on Thursday.

She argued that more abortions would ease the strain of inflation because a smaller population would help get the economy "under control."

"President Biden has said that inflation is the number one priority for the Biden White House to try to get under control right now," said host Lawrence O'Donnell.

"As you are out there in California talking to constituents during this reelection year for congress, how does inflation compare to this newly important, in the sense of the Supreme Court decision pending, abortion issue?" he asked.

"How do those two issues compare?"

rep  katie porter  d ca  is among the radical wing of the democratic party © press
Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) is among the radical wing of the Democratic Party

"Well, I don't think they compare, I think they actually reinforce each other," responded Porter.

"So, the fact that inflation can happen and it can become more expensive to feed your kids and to fuel your car is exactly why people need to be able to be in charge of how many mouths they're gonna have to feed," she claimed.

"So I think the fact that we're seeing this jump in expenses, that we're seeing people having to pay more in the grocery store pay more at the pump, pay more for housing, is a reason people are saying I need to be able to make my own decisions about when and if to start a family," she continued.

"So I don’t think we’re going to see them," Porter concluded.

"I don’t think it’s like about comparing them or contrasting them.

"I think they reinforce for people just how big of a responsibility it is to take care of a family."

rep  katie porter  d ca  promoted her pro abortion views on msnbc © press
Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) promoted her pro-abortion views on MSNBC

Porter also claimed in the interview that conservatives were going to ban all contraceptives after banning abortion, a widely spread conspiracy theory among Democrats.


Of course, Porter offered no evidence to support her horrific claims.

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