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Biden’s Sister Excuses His Gaffes as 'Truths:' 'Totally Capable of Being President'

'He speaks the truth'

 on 11th May 2022 @ 5.00pm
valerie biden owens said biden s rratic behavior was not evidence that he   s incapable of being president © press
Valerie Biden Owens said Biden's rratic behavior was not evidence that he’s incapable of being president

President Joe Biden is known more for his embarrassing gaffes than for running the country, which his sister claims are just "truths."

When his sister sat down Tuesday with a British morning television program, however, it looked plain malicious — and just to hawk a book.

Valerie Biden Owens, the 76-year-old sibling of the increasingly senescent president, told an interviewer for “Good Morning, Britain” that her brother’s occasionally erratic behavior and near-legendary habit of making a fool of himself weren’t at all evidence that he’s not capable of handling the most powerful position in the world.

“His gaffes are truths,” the president’s sister said.

“He speaks the truth." 

“And is he capable? I mean, watch him. Look at him. I mean, judge, you know, judge for yourself.”

 sometimes it comes out in a different way  and people call it a gaffe   owens said © press
'Sometimes it comes out in a different way, and people call it a gaffe,' Owens said

“He speaks the truth. Sometimes it comes out in a different way, and people call it a gaffe,” Owens said, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail. 

It isn’t the first time Owens has made a statement like this while on the publicity circuit for her autobiographical “Growing Up Biden: A Memoir,” which was released on April 12.

She tried a similar spin last month in an interview with CBS News, claiming Biden had committed no “gaffe” when he declared in front of the world that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.”

“Well, first of all, when anybody says Joe’s ‘gaffe,’ a gaffe is, he speaks the truth,” Owens said.

“Joe had just come from spending the afternoon with moms and their children that have been, families destroyed by what’s happening in Ukraine. That’s Joe. He knows what grief and that pain is.”

While Owens might think of Biden’s “gaffes” as simply eruptions of righteous indignation, anyone with a less-vested interest in following the president’s public utterances knows they don’t all have such neat, self-serving explanations.

“Watch him,” she says. “Look at him,” she says.

We have. And it’s borderline painful to watch a man so clearly bereft of mental abilities trying to pretend to the world he’s still at the top of his game.

 and is he capable  i mean  watch him  look at him  i mean  judge  you know  judge for yourself   biden s sister said © press
'And is he capable? I mean, watch him. Look at him. I mean, judge, you know, judge for yourself,' Biden's sister said

In just a few recent cases according to The Western Journal:

He referred to the embattled people of Ukraine as their Russian invaders and pretty clearly confused the current war in Eastern Europe with the long-ago Hungarian uprising against the Soviet Union in 1956. (A stirring, immortal example of raw courage in the face of tyranny, no doubt, but not exactly germane to the moment.)

He babbled about “accommodating” Russian oligarchs when he meant the opposite, and he made it obvious he could neither read the word “kleptocracy” on his teleprompter nor pronounce it in anything like an intelligible fashion. (Whether he knows what the word means is an open question, though he should, since “kleptocracy” describes the Biden political operation pretty well.)

He mangled a response to reporters in the White House about two of the biggest, but unrelated, issues of his presidency of the moment — the illegal immigration invasion and the federal mask mandate on airplanes — and was forced to issue a correction in writing later.

He’s shown himself over and over to be incapable of handling questions from the mainstream media with anything like the glib abilities of Donald Trump or any of his other predecessors in office.

And his sister wants us to watch him? Watch him what? Getting corraled by a giant Easter Bunny at the annual White House Egg Roll?

Of course, Owens has a book to sell. And since her only claim to fame is the man in the White House, it behooves her to talk up his fading physical and mental abilities as much as possible.

But that wasn’t the only outrageous thing she had to say to “Good Morning Britain.”

In answer to another question, she said Megan Markle, the American actress who married Britain’s insufferable Prince Harry, is somehow cut out to be the president of the United States herself.

“Yes, perhaps. Of course she will,” Owens said.

"Of course she will!"

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