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Hysterical Actress Implodes over Roe, Claims SCOTUS Justices Want to 'Traffic Babies'

Rosanna Arquette claims conservative justices seeking to play global baby parts market

 on 8th May 2022 @ 1.00pm
rosanna arquette claims supreme court justices want to  traffic babies © press
Rosanna Arquette claims Supreme Court justices want to 'traffic babies'

Hollywood actress Rosanna Arquette has taken to social media to make hysterical accusations against justices on the United States Supreme Court.

Arquette was responding to reports that the SCOTUS is planning to overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling on abortion.

The one-time Hollywood star claimed on Saturday that the more-conservative justices, who she claims are "satanic," were only interested in overturning Roe because they know they could make money selling unwanted babies on the black market.

Arquette shared a tweet responding to the recently-leaked early opinion draft written by conservative Justice Samuel Alito.

The opinion indicates that the Court is preparing to overturn both Roe and its companion landmark abortion decision Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

"No, it’s not hysterical or alarmist,” Arquette tweeted before making her hysterical alarmist comments.

the scotis decision has triggered outrage from the left © press
The SCOTIS decision has triggered outrage from the Left

"They will traffic babies that many women can’t afford to keep," she claimed.

"There is a huge money making market world wide for babies and behind that is organ trafficking the majority Supreme Court justices are officially the satanic force.”

Arquette began her commentary when the draft first leaked on Monday, tweeting, “Get your Boots off our wombs.”

“A slimy drunk rapist has taken away womens right to choose,” she added later, apparently referencing the accusations made during Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s bitter confirmation battle in 2018.

Arquette followed that with a call for President Joe Biden to pack the court: “President Biden must add NON COMPRISED [sic] Judges to SCOTUS.”

Arquette was not alone in calling for Biden to add justices to the Court, either.

In addition to calls from a number of Democrats for Congress to codify Roe — with legislation that would make abortion a federally-protected right — a number of elected officials and abortion activists joined in calls for Biden to undercut the early opinion by adding justices.

"Right-wing extremists have hijacked the Supreme Court of the United States. We must #ExpandTheCourt to rebalance it and defend our basic rights, including the constitutional right to an abortion,” Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) tweeted.

"In my fantasy, Schumer calls the caucus together in the morning and goes, ‘We’re going to kill the filibuster, pack the court, codify abortion rights, and we’re going to do it in three months. Any questions?’” author Christopher Moore added.

"Sure I could have worked a dragon in, but then it’s about a dragon.”

Pack the Court. Strip jurisdiction. Now,” Georgia State Law professor Anthony Michael Kreis tweeted.

rosanna arquette is known for her anti american activism © press
Rosanna Arquette is known for her anti-American activism

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) pushed back, saying, A lot of us have put up for a very long time with decision making that was wrong without questioning the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

"Efforts by some now to pressure, pack, and delegitimize the Court are shameful, wrong, and dangerous.”


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