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Mom Suing 'Woke' School for 'Changing' 13-Year-Old Daughter's Gender without Consent

Florida mother says teachers facilitated secret gender 'transition'

 on 3rd May 2022 @ 10.00pm
mom january littlejohn says her daughter s school convinced her she was  transgender © press
Mom January Littlejohn says her daughter's school convinced her she was 'transgender'

A Florida mom is suing her daughter's school after teachers convinced the 13-year-old child she was "transgender" and then secretly facilitated a "gender transition" without parental knowledge or consent.

The mother, January Littlejohn, has issued a stark warning to fellow parents across the country that the same thing could happen to them.

Littlejohn, a mental health professional, warns that similar protocols are in place at schools nationwide.

"This is happening all over the nation," Littlejohn warned during a Monday interview on Fox News.

"This same protocol is in place in many, many schools across districts everywhere, and even the guides being used to dictate these transgender support plans that cut parents out even have the same language."

The Tallahassee-based mom, joined by her attorney Vernadette Broyles, explained to the network that her case is not an isolated one.

mom january littlejohn has been working with florida gov  ron desantis to restore parental rights © press
Mom January Littlejohn has been working with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to restore parental rights

"This is a very systematic way that parents are being excluded from important decisions occurring with their children, and further, social transition is a medical intervention that schools are grossly unqualified to be taking these steps without parental involvement," Littlejohn said.

Littlejohn recalled that after her daughter expressed confusion over her gender during the COVID-19 pandemic, school administrators responded by enrolling her in a "transgender support plan" — without seeking parental approval.

When questioned regarding the plan, the school allegedly declined to disclose any information, claiming Littlejohn's daughter was "protected by a non-discrimination law."

"Eventually we did see the transgender support plan, which was a six-page document that they completed with my daughter, that was 13 at the time, behind closed doors, where they asked her questions that would have absolutely impacted her safety, such as which restroom she preferred to use and which sex she preferred to room with on overnight field trips," Littlejohn said.

Broyles added that she filed a lawsuit, arguing that Littlejohn's parental rights were violated, and soon discovered that her client's situation was similar to many others playing out around the country.

"We filed a lawsuit in Massachusetts, [and] there are lawsuits in Wisconsin, Maryland, Oregon, California," the attorney said.

"This is a national agenda, and parents need to recognize they have the right to direct the upbringing, education, care, medical decisions, mental health decisions of their child and they need to assert that right with their school."


In their lawsuit against Leon County Schools officials last October, January and her husband, Jeffrey, claimed the defendants "violated their fundamental rights" as parents by "implementing a protocol which explicitly circumvents parental notification and involvement in critical decisions affecting their children’s mental, emotional and physical health."

In filing the suit, the Littlejohns are seeking injunctive relief, a declaratory judgment, and damages for the violations.

The school filed a motion to dismiss, and the Littlejohns filed an opposition in response, Broyles said.

They are now awaiting a judge's decision.

"What the school district did is tantamount to saying children need to be protected from their parents, rather than by their parents," Broyles told the Washington Examiner late last year.

"This guidance that they had in place and their actions convey the message that parents are presumed to be dangerous to their children."

january littlejohn told fox news that  schools are grossly unqualified to be taking these steps without parental involvement © press
January Littlejohn told Fox News that 'schools are grossly unqualified to be taking these steps without parental involvement'

The Littlejohns' lawsuit is considered to have been the catalyst for Florida's Parental Rights in Education bill, which was recently signed into law over and above frenzied backlash from progressive LGBT advocates and mainstream media outlets.

The legislation bars discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third-grade classrooms and assigns scaleable guidelines for appropriate discussions on the controversial subject matter in grades thereafter.

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