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Ilhan Omar Attacks Christians for Celebrating Easter

Radical Democrats complains about Christians singing songs of worship

 on 18th April 2022 @ 3.00pm
ilhan omar blasted christians for celebrating easter © press
Ilhan Omar blasted Christians for celebrating Easter

Radical Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has attacked Christians for celebrating Easter.

Omar faced a severe backlash after complaining on Twitter about a video showing Christians singing songs of worship.

The congresswoman posted the video over the Holy weekend and blasted the Christians singing worship music during a flight.

The exact details of the flight, including whether it was a chartered flight, when the video was filmed, and the travel itinerary for the flight are not clear. 

"I think my family and I should have a prayer session next time I am on a plane,” Omar wrote on the video, which she tweeted out to her 3 million followers on the platform.

"How do you think it will end?”


Omar's comments prompted a flurry of angry responses on social media.

One commenter noted that the Christians in the video were volunteers who were traveling to Ukraine to give aid to civilians.

the video shows christians singing songs of worship during the flight © press
The video shows Christians singing songs of worship during the flight

Notable responses on Twitter included:

Shant Mesrobian, writer: “A member of Congress is supposed to have the restraint and maturity to not post a stupid, random, old video that for some reason is going viral right now as a way to score religious culture war points on a holy day for millions of people around the world.”

Kurt Schlichter, attorney and columnist: “I think you should shut up and stop being a bigot.”

Jose de Jesus Ortiz, writer: “I like to sleep on a plane. I would have been a tad annoyed by this, but this tweet by Ilhan Omar is tone death and perhaps even anti Christian even. FYI, @IlhanMN , many families have prayer sessions on planes before, after, during flights. I pray before & upon landing.”

Jason Osborne, political strategist: “Oh good lord it’s clearly a charter flight. No masks, but sure, let’s make an issue and on Easter no less.”

Asra Q. Nomani, activist and former professor: “One thing upon which we can depend: Ilhan Omar/CAIR is a perpetual participant in the Oppression Olympics. And as Easter begins, she has to compete with a Christian ‘prayer session.’”

Joe Pags Pagliarulo, radio host: “Why does this person who lives free and liberated because of the compassion of our country not appreciate that we’re a Judeo-Christian society uniquely founded to protect those of all faiths? Why does she constantly denigrate the place that offered her so much? Praying for her.”

Avi Kaner, business owner: “Ilhan Omar @IlhanMN attacks a group of Christian volunteers on an @easyJet flight in Europe delivering aid to Ukraine, because they’re singing. She has no idea about what transpired and whether or not it was approved. But it’s suddenly about her.”

John Cardillo, political commentator: “Without issue. I’ve been on many flights with Muslims saying a prayer before takeoff. No one cares.”

Mike Cernovich, political commentator: “Over 25,000,000 views. Thank you for sharing and spreading a positive message on Easter.”

Nick Searcy, actor: “Wa alaikum salaam? Allahu Akbar? Don’t you know? Maybe you could ask your brother, or your husband, or whatever.”

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