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Left Implodes over 'Infuriating' WaPo Article on Transgender Who Regrets 'Transition'

Washington Post op-ed details man who regretted transitioning at 19 years old

 on 12th April 2022 @ 10.00pm
 woke  mobs were outraged by the article about a transgender who regrets transitioning © press
'Woke' mobs were outraged by the article about a transgender who regrets transitioning

The Left has imploded after one of its leading propaganda machines, the Washington Post, ran an article about a transgender who regrets "transitioning" from their biological gender.

The "woke" mob lashed out at the WaPo on Monday after the left-wing outlet published an opinion piece by a biological male transgender who "identifies" as a "woman."

Transgender Corinna Cohn described the transition as harmful and unnecessary.

The opinion piece was written by Cohn and entitled "What I wish I'd known when I was 19 and had sex reassignment surgery."

Cohn has irreversible sex-change surgery at 19 years old to "transition" to "female."

“From the day of my surgery, I became a medical patient and will remain one for the rest of my life," wrote Cohn.

transgender corinna cohn regrets having irreversible sex change surgery at 19 years old © press
Transgender Corinna Cohn regrets having irreversible sex-change surgery at 19 years old

"I shudder to think of how distorting today's social media is for confused teenagers," Cohn continues.

"I'm also alarmed by how readily authority figures facilitate transition.

"I had to persuade two therapists, an endocrinologist, and a surgeon to give me what I wanted.

"None of them were under crushing professional pressure, as they now would be, to 'affirm' my choice."

Many transgender supporters objected to the article being published and they excoriated the Washington Post on social media.

the  woke  mob was outraged by the true story of a transgender s regret © press
The 'woke' mob was outraged by the true story of a transgender's regret

Many objected to the piece on the basis that Cohn had been a vocal critic of the extremism from the transgender lobby.

"WTF is the WaPo doing publishing this bull s***," replied one social media user.

"WaPo bravely publishes another op-ed by a bitter older trans woman taking the side of far-right bigots banning affirming healthcare for trans youth, comparing it to 'fad diets'... 'Democracy Dies in Darkness' but trans kids die on the @PostOpinions page," replied Morgan Artyukhina.

"It's infuriating to see the @washingtonpost opinion page continually platforming anti-trans narratives. Corinna Cohn is a trans woman who has lobbied against trans rights and is being used as a tool by anti-trans orgs. WaPo doesn't give the same platform to happy trans people," tweeted "gender writer" Alejandra Caraballo.

"I don't want to give them any more clicks on this piece, but I'm disappointed in WaPo for publishing an OpEd by someone agitating against gender-affirming care, especially in this moment when so many states seem intent on harming trans and nonbinary kids by denying such care," responded another critic.

"Their experience in 1991 is not representative of outcomes today. Many of their disappointments appear cultural, not surgical. Shame on @PostOpinions for printing this without context," said a transgender user.

Others called the piece "honest and poignant" and applauded the Washington Post for publishing it.

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