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Tucker Carlson Calls for Biden's Removal from Office: 'Invoke the 25th Amendment'

'It’s obvious Joe Biden is not well'

 on 30th March 2022 @ 4.00pm
 the world is witnessing a confused president of the united states making contradictory statements of grave consequences © press
'The world is witnessing a confused president of the United States making contradictory statements of grave consequences'

Fox’s Tucker Carlson has called for Joe Biden's removal from office following his outlandish comments about international affairs last week.

"It’s not personal. It’s not political. But it’s obvious Joe Biden is not well and the 25th Amendment needs to be invoked," Tucker said.

"That amendment, of course, allows for the temporary or permanent removal of the president if he is incapable of fulfilling his duties."

White House and other administration officials quickly followed Biden’s statements with modifiers and denials.

Biden himself mocked and denied what he said, then reversed course and said he was owning his statements.

The world is witnessing a confused president of the United States making contradictory statements of grave consequences.

carlson said an ongoing feature of biden   s public demeanor is anger  playing a minute long video montage demonstrating it © press
Carlson said an ongoing feature of Biden’s public demeanor is anger, playing a minute-long video montage demonstrating it.

And these are not misstatements or gaffes, according to Carlson.

“A gaffe is when you mispronounce somebody’s name.

“… The United States is going to use chemical weapons? These are not gaffes. These are something else. They are dangerous, that’s for sure.”

Carlson said an ongoing feature of Biden’s public demeanor is anger, playing a minute-long video montage demonstrating it.

It’s a common characteristic of old men (Biden is 79), especially those with declining mental faculties, according to Carlson.

As The Western Journal reported:

The chemical weapon issue stemmed from a reporter’s question regarding how the U.S. might respond if Russia initiated chemical warfare in Ukraine.

It was a type of question to which presidents rarely reply, Carlson pointed out. “Presidents rarely respond to hypothetical questions for a simple reason — they don’t know the circumstances ahead of time.

“So there is no reason to risk American prestige or to terrify the rest of the world by saying the wrong thing … Biden had no obligation to answer that question. Very few presidents would’ve answered.”

But Biden did respond:

“It would trigger a response in kind. Whether or not you’re asking whether NATO would cross, we would make that decision at the time,” the president said.


To which Carlson commented:

“So no American president has said anything like that in your lifetime. You grew up assuming the United States would never use chemical weapons because the United States is not a rogue state."

“… Joe Biden, the president of the United States, reversed a hundred years of American security policy in the middle of a war.”

Biden’s comment caused his national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, to scramble and contradict the president by saying the U.S. has no intention of using chemical weapons.

“But Jake Sullivan had no choice. He works for a man who cannot even pronounce his own vice president’s name consistently and yet is in charge of the United States at the most delicate moment in our lifetimes.”

it   s a common characteristic of old men  biden is 79   especially those with declining mental faculties  according to carlson © press
It’s a common characteristic of old men (Biden is 79), especially those with declining mental faculties, according to Carlson.

In Poland, a day later, Biden, speaking to U.S. troops, told of what they would see when they went to Ukraine, implying the U.S. would be putting troops on the ground there.

“Fox News reached out to Biden’s spokesman after those remarks,” Carlson said.

“And no one there — no one in the White House — were aware that those comments were caught on tape.

“So how do you explain this abrupt change in American foreign policy?

‘The president has been clear that we are not sending U.S. troops to Ukraine and there is no change in that position,’” was the reply, according to Carlson.

“So for the second time in three days,” he continued.

“The administration has to flatly contradict the commander-in-chief. And not on a minor question.”

Saturday, Biden concluded a formal address in Poland with an apparent ad-lib about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

The White House quickly walked back Biden’s call for regime change, NPR said.

U.S. diplomats followed suit, according to Reuters. And Biden somewhat tempered his remarks, saying U.S. policy does not include regime change in Russia.

But Monday, Biden reversed course and when asked by a reporter if he was walking back his call for regime change in Russia replied: “I’m not walking anything back.”

As the world watches the U.S. for clues on how it will act — even lead — the president continues to contradict himself.

“So regime change is Russia is now our policy,” Carlson said.

“That’s what the president of the United States just told us."

“As he did, he rebuked the people who work for him — which is fine with us — they spend all week correcting statements that he makes up on on the fly and hasn’t thought through in any way. Purely reactive."

“Hey, Joe Biden, what would be the long-term effect on the United States of what you are doing?"

“No idea. You don’t have to think about the future now."

“When everything is suddenly at stake,” Carlson said.

“There never has been recklessness at this level in the White House and, yes, that includes the last president who was often attacked for being reckless."

“Nothing he [Trump] said compares to this.”

Prior to playing a video clip in which Fox’s Peter Doocy asked for clarifications, Carson commented:

“In response, Joe Biden revealed that he’s completely unaware that his staff has been continuously, all week, updating American policy as he changes that on the fly.”

The dialogue of the clip is especially telling.


“Are you worried that other leaders in the world are going to start to doubt that America is back if some of these big things that you say on the world stage keep getting walked back? … In just the last couple of days it sounded like you told U.S. troops they were going to Ukraine.

“It sounded like you said that it was possible the U.S. would use a chemical weapon and it sounded like you are calling for regime change in Russia, and we know –”

Biden interrupts: “None of the three occurred.”

So, as of this writing, the president’s policy is use of chemical weapons, U.S. troops in Ukraine and regime change in Russia.

That’s what he has said.

To which Carlson, in his telecast, said:

“To be clear — he’s not fit to lead. Particularly right now.”

Carlson said the banks feared a Bernie Sanders presidency, so the “Democratic Party short-circuited his campaign and installed Joe Biden.

During the presidential campaign, Carlson said, “Biden seemed kind of passive. For a lot of voters, that was a welcome respite from the last president, who seemed kind of loud."

“That’s what actually happened. No one anticipated at that moment that we would be on the cusp of a war with a nuclear-armed power in less than two years.”

Now Biden is “someone who literally has no idea what’s going on … Biden said that everything he has said for the last week is true and none of it has been corrected by the people who work for him."

“The truth is, Joe Biden has no idea.”

And Biden has claimed he would never walk back his comments, even as he does walk them back, according to Carlson.

“It’s almost like we are being mean to the guy by quoting him. And no one wants that."

“No one is making fun of his age or of his diminished condition. Only trying to defend the country."

“… The joke’s over."

“Too much is at stake. If there ever was a time, if there was ever a time in U.S. history to invoke the 25th Amendment, it is now."

“As Joe Biden himself put it: ‘For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.’

“For all of our sakes.”

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