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Schweizer Exposes Joe Biden's Links to Hunter's FBI Corruption Investigation

Renowned investigative author breaks down probe into Hunter Biden

 on 25th March 2022 @ 3.00pm
peter schweizer says hunter biden s laptop story  goes straight to the president © press
Peter Schweizer says Hunter Biden's laptop story 'goes straight to the president'

Renowned investigative author Peter Schweizer has spoken out on the FBI investigation into Hunter Biden and exposed how the probe links to his father, Democrat Joe Biden.

Schweizer, who also serves as president of the Government Accountability Institute, is known for his investigations into high-level corruption.

He has spent the last few years investigating the Biden family's shady foreign business deals with elites tied to the governments of Ukraine, Russia, and China.

Much of the Biden family's dealings are laid out in Schweizer's best-selling book, "Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win."

In a new interview with The Daily Wire’s “Morning Wire,” Schweizer explains the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes and its possible links to his father.

Schweizer said that the FBI and IRS’s investigation into Hunter Biden consists of four parts.

peter schweizer says the biden family was paid millions of dollars by foreign elites © press
Peter Schweizer says the Biden family was paid millions of dollars by foreign elites

"One is tax evasion, that he failed to pay millions of dollars in taxes from money that came overseas,” Schweizer explained.

"There’s also allegations potentially of money laundering; that would be moving money around for maybe foreign oligarchs or other people who are trying to hide assets.

"The third thing that they’re looking at is violations of the so-called FARA Act, Foreign Agents Registration Act, which means if you lobby the U.S. government, asking them for some kind of action on behalf of a foreign actor, you are required to register with the Department of Justice.

"That’s something Hunter Biden didn’t do.

"Finally, they’re looking at the possibility of political corruption,” Schweizer added.

"Was there payments being made to Hunter Biden because they wanted something from his father?"

Schweizer went on to explain how the fourth part of the federal probe could implicate Joe Biden.

"Hunter Biden was doing these deals precisely at the time that his father was the named point person on U.S. policy towards Ukraine. So there’s a certain, at minimum, coincidence there,” he noted.

When he was vice president, Joe Biden led U.S. foreign policy toward Ukraine during former President Barack Obama’s second term.

Biden was responsible for approving military aid for the former soviet state.

"The allegation is that Ukrainian oligarchs want certain favorable treatments from Joe Biden because he had so much pull on the aid dollars coming into the country and what the U.S. posture would be that they basically gave Hunter Biden this energy job of a million dollars a year, even though he had no background and experience in Ukraine or energy,” Schweizer said.

"The same could be said as it relates to China policy in Russia policy as well because Hunter Biden had dealings there while his father was also driving U.S. policy in those areas during the Obama administration.”

Schweizer said that Hunter Biden’s overseas dealings directly implicate Joe Biden in several ways, including from emails pulled from Hunter Biden’s missing laptop, which was reported on in the run-up to the 2020 election.

Stories stemming from the laptop were censored at the time by social media giants Facebook and Twitter.

"First of all, he not only was using the family name, there’s evidence, actually in the Hunter Biden laptop, that meetings were set up and some of those meetings were off the books, meaning they did not appear on the White House visitors log,” Schweizer said.

"So, there seems to have been some kind of access granted — whether that’s illegal or not, of course, is another question.”

peter schweizer warns that hunter biden s shady deals directly implicate joe biden © press
Peter Schweizer warns that Hunter Biden's shady deals directly implicate Joe Biden

"The other way it involves Joe Biden, the President of the United States, is it’s clear from the laptop that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden had intertwined finances, meaning Hunter Biden was getting money from these overseas deals,” he continued.

"He was paying some of his father’s monthly bills, but he was also paying for things like renovations on his father’s home in Delaware, et cetera.

"That’s patently illegal in the United States. Politicians can’t be subsidized by family members.

"And the fact that the money came from overseas of course means that, uh, that has further implications.

"So this does directly involve Joe Biden.”

Friday’s episode of Morning Wire, and all episodes of Morning Wire, can be listened to here.

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