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MSNBC: Kamala Harris Was 'Strong' and 'Assertive' against Putin during Europe Trip

Panel claims Harris has 'senators' and 'Bill Barr shook' when she was in the Senate

 on 14th March 2022 @ 9.00pm
msnbc claims kamala harris was  strong  against vladimir putin © press
MSNBC claims Kamala Harris was 'strong' against Vladimir Putin

A panel on far-left "news" network MSNBC has claimed that Kamala Harris was "strong" and "assertive" during her recent diplomatic mission to Europe where she allegedly stood up against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Despite there being no evidence or reporting that Harris showed any sort of strength toward Putin, the panel praised the vice president's alleged strong message against the Russian leader.

However, most of the reports regarding Harris's trip revolved around her inappropriate behavior during a press conference in Poland.

Harris triggered international outrage after she burst out laughing while discussing the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine during a presser with Poland's President Andrzej Duda.

Yet, according to MSNBC, Harris put on a "strong" display for world leaders, despite the controversy, which they failed to mention.

MSNBC contributor Errin Haines appeared with Pepperdine University professor Nola Haynes to discuss Harris’s European trip, where she was supposed to reassure allies against the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

kamala harris caused widespread outrage by laughing during a press conference in poland © press
Kamala Harris caused widespread outrage by laughing during a press conference in Poland

Although Harris mostly faced criticism for her press conference with Poland's president, both Haines and Haynes thought the vice president excelled.

"Going back and looking at the transcript between her and the Polish president, I think that the commitments were very clear," Haynes said.

"I think she was strong. She was assertive.

"And let’s not forget: This is a woman in the Senate who had senators shook, you know?

"Who had Bill Barr shook," she claimed.

"Like, this woman is very capable, and reading some of these think pieces kind of infantilize her in a way, saying, is she up for it?

"Can she do it? Of course, she’s up for it. Of course, she can do it."


Haines added, "And that is yet another piece of her lived experience that she really brings to this role as vice president in this moment of crisis, and that is her role as prosecutor, right?

"This is somebody who is used to kind of taking on bad guys for a living.

"And so, her really putting her finger in the chest of Vladimir Putin and saying that there will be consequences."

Haynes didn't present any evidence sending this message to Putin, however.

Although, Haynes did claim that Harris’s message was likely dismissed by Putin due to the "intersectionality of her race and her gender." 

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross also noted that Poland, the country that hosted the vice president, is itself guilty of rampant white supremacy and discrimination at its borders.

"Racism certainly does not take a break during times of conflict," Haines said.

"I mean, if anything, it is absolutely present during those times."

nola haynes claimed kamala harris was  putting her finger in the chest of vladimir putin © press
Nola Haynes claimed Kamala Harris was 'putting her finger in the chest of Vladimir Putin'

While some in the media have attempted to defend Harris’s European trip, her press conference was the target of scathing criticism.

Critics accused Harris of being unprepared and awkward during her joint appearance with Polish President Andrzej Duda.

After a reporter asked a question about Ukrainian refugees, Harris was seen laughing while saying "A friend in need is a friend indeed," leading Duda to answer first.

Harris’s habit of appearing unprepared has been a frequent critique of her during the Biden administration.

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