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Iran Fires Multiple Missiles at U.S Consulate in Iraq

Several rockets strike U.S. consulate located in Erbil in northwestern Iraq

 on 13th March 2022 @ 1.00pm
several missiles were fired into iraq from neighboring iran © press
Several missiles were fired into Iraq from neighboring Iran

Iran has fired several missiles at the United States consulate building in Erbil, Iraq, according to reports.

Multiple rockets hit the consulate building after being fired from the Iranian side of the nearby border, a source close to the matter told the Associated Press.

"One of the officials said the ballistic missiles were fired from Iran,” AP reported.

"The attack comes several days after an Israeli strike near Damascus, Syria killed two members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.”

"Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency quoted Iraqi media acknowledging the attacks, without saying where they originated,” AP added.

Axios is also reporting that a U.S. State Department source claims “[there] is no damage or casualties at any U.S. government facility.”

videos on social media show the rockets striking © press
Videos on social media show the rockets striking

“We are looking into the reported attack near Erbil,” a Pentagon spokesperson told Axios.

The State Department spokesperson said the incident “is being investigated by the government of Iraq and the Kurdish Regional Government.”

“We condemn this outrageous attack and display of violence,” the spokesperson added.

Videos of the alleged attack were shared on Twitter:

The Jerusalem Post provided more details of the attacks, also based on “Independent open-source intelligence (OSINT) accounts.”

The videos were “reportedly shared by Iranian civilians showing missiles being fired from Iran at the time of the attack, with at least one of the videos being geolocated to a site in Khasabad in the East Azerbaijan province of Iran.”

The Post added, “No party has taken responsibility for the missile fire as of yet.

"Iran has threatened retaliation in recent days” or the aforementioned alleged Israeli airstrike.

the united states consulate building is in erbil  iraq © press
The United States consulate building is in Erbil, Iraq

In reaction to the news, Michael Doran, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, tweeted: “If this report is accurate, and Iran indeed launched ballistic missiles at US targets in Erbil, then this is an act of war, pure and simple.”

“The United States has no choice but to respond appropriately,” he added.

“I presume that the Iranian attack on Erbil was a response to Israel killing two Iranian colonels in Damascus,” Doran said in a separate tweet.

“The message from Tehran to the Americans is: ‘Rein in the Israelis, or we will escalate against you.’

"I fear the White House will indeed blame the Israelis and not Iran.”

Andrew McCarthy, a former U.S. assistant attorney and columnist for National Review, added, “Could we possibly stop stupid s*** about how people are supposedly hopped up for war with Iran?

"Iran is at war with us — what we ‘want’ is not the point.

"Question is: What do we do about it?”

"It would be foolish to assume Iran not coordinating with patron angry over West’s aid to Ukraine,” he added.

"This is a test by our enemies: Iran executing, Russia urging, China watching.

"Biden needs to show resolve.”

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) called for the U.S. to stop “the Russian mediated negotiations with Iran,” in reference to the ongoing Iranian nuclear deal negotiations.

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