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Democrat Attacks Second Amendment: 'Owning a Gun Is NOT a God-Given Right'

Nebraska state lawmaker calls the right to bear arms 'a slave-owning, misogynistic right'

 on 11th March 2022 @ 10.00pm
nebraska democrat megan hunt has vowed to block second amendment bills © press
Nebraska Democrat Megan Hunt has vowed to block Second Amendment bills

A Nebraska Democrat lawmaker has attacked the Second Amendment and declared that Americans' constitutional right to bear arms is not a "God-given right."

On Thursday, Nebraska state Sen. Megan Hunt (D) declared that gun ownership is not a right given by God.

Instead, she claims gun ownership is a right bestowed by America's "slave-owning, misogynistic" founders.

"Owning a gun isn’t a 'God-given right'," Hunt blasted as she vowed to target 2A rights in the state Senate.

"It’s a slave-owning, misogynistic founding father-given right," she alleged.

"I’m not against 2a, but be real - the Constitution was written by people!"

dana loesch responded by blasting gun control as  racist © press
Dana Loesch responded by blasting gun control as 'racist'

"Today I’m filibustering a bill that would allow concealed carry without training or a permit," the state lawmaker tweeted.

Hunt has served in Nebraska's unicameral state legislature since early 2019.

In her Twitter biography, Hunt described herself as a "Bi queen."

She also included the gender pronouns "she/her" and called to "Abolish ICE," a reference to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Hunt also included a mask-wearing emoji next to her name on the social media platform.

Dana Loesch responded to Hunt's post by tweeting, "Gun control is racist.

"Free men and women were barred from their constitutional rights by people just like this beyond parody political."

She added, "I had to laugh at the 'misogynistic' being tossed in — women had the right to bear arms before we won the right to vote so nah, girl."

"Girl spare me," Hunt tweeted in response to Loesch.

"Your NRA holds rallies every time a mass shooting happens.

"You fundraise at the scene of the crime as soon as the corpses of the dead are taken away.

"Where was your NRA for Philandro Castile when he was shot by police as a legal gun owner? Be serious."

megan hunt claims the second amendment is  a slave owning  misogynistic founding father given right © press
Megan Hunt claims the Second Amendment is 'a slave-owning, misogynistic founding father-given right'

KMTV reported that state law currently requires Nebraskans, who wish to carry a concealed firearm, to take a gun training course and secure a permit from the Nebraska State Patrol.

"Did I miss somewhere when I was reading the Second Amendment, it’s very short, where we’re required to pay $200 and take a class to exercise those rights," state Sen. Julie Slama said, according to KMTV.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

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