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New York Times Reporter Admits Anti-Trump 'Pee Tape' Does NOT Exist

NYT's Matthew Rosenberg caught on hidden camera admitting tape was made up

 on 11th March 2022 @ 9.00pm
new york times reporter matthew rosenberg admitted the story was made up © press
New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg admitted the story was made up

A New York Times reporter has admitted on camera that anti-Trump reports about a "pee tape" were completely fabricated as such a recording "doesn't exist."

The NYT's Matthew Rosenberg was caught on a hidden camera making the confession to undercover journalists from Project Veritas.

He acknowledges that the "pee tape" in the infamous anti-Trump Steele dossier was invented to smear President Donald Trump and claims it "involved" CIA and National Security Agency sources.

Rosenberg also reveals his belief that America's corporate media is falsely portraying the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and discloses that there's an internal ideological war behind the scenes at the newspaper, with a far-left but influential minority.

The admissions from Rosenberg were revealed in part 2 of Project Veritas's series on the Times' national security correspondent.

Elsewhere in the recordings, he also says he believes the New York Times may lose the defamation lawsuit that Project Veritas and founder James O'Keefe filed against the newspaper.

the nyt s matthew rosenberg admitted that the anti trump story was completely fabricated © press
The NYT's Matthew Rosenberg admitted that the anti-Trump story was completely fabricated

When interviewed later by O'Keefe, Rosenberg said he "absolutely" stands by the comments made in the undercover footage.


Rosenberg spoke about the story about Trump's "pee tape," which made waves in 2018, saying it was essentially fabricated.

"It involved CIA and NSA," he claimed.

"It involved Trump and involved that ridiculous, like, 'pee tape,' which, of course, doesn't exist."

In 2017, BuzzFeed published "…sections of an unverified intelligence report on former President Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia, frequently referred to as the Steele Dossier."

The reports claimed there was a video of Trump engaging in lewd acts while on a trip to Russia.

Rosenberg also said that in The New York Times newsroom there is "…a real internal tug of war between, like the reasonable people and some of the crazier leftist sh*t that's worked its way in there."

He added, "They're not the majority, but they're very vocal, loud minority that dominate social media and, therefore, has just hugely outsized influence."

He said he believes this is "alienating" its subscribers.

Rosenberg called his coworkers at The New York Times "bullies," "neurotic" and "…not the clearest thinkers…"

the nyt s matthew rosenberg made the confession to james o keefe s project veritas © press
The NYT's Matthew Rosenberg made the confession to James O'Keefe's Project Veritas

Rosenberg also discussed coworker Adam Goldman, saying, "He's a terrible writer…

"He's just not good at conceptualizing things.

"He's not good with words.

"It’s a skill. It's a hard one."

Rosenberg added that "…editors do all his writing for him."

Referencing the ongoing legal battle between The New York Times and Project Veritas, Rosenberg said, "James O’Keefe," referencing the Project Veritas founder, "that was a f*ck up.

"We may well lose that one."

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