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Steve Bannon Sends Warning to Bill Barr: 'Lawyer Up'

Former Trump adviser slams ex-attorney general over recent claims

 on 10th March 2022 @ 3.00pm
steve bannon warned bill barr he  better lawyer up © press
Steve Bannon warned Bill Barr he 'better lawyer up'

Steve Bannon has sent a warning to former Attorney General Bill Barr that he "better lawyer up."

Bannon, President Donald Trump's former White House strategist, unloaded on Barr for being a "sell-out" over claims made by the ex-AG in his new book.

During a segment on his War Room podcast, Bannon accused Barr of turning on President Trump.

"Well, he’s Walter Mitty," Bannon said of Barr, who is currently making the rounds on liberal media shows to promote his new memoir.

"He’s a nerd and been a nerd all of his life," he added.

"He not only stabbed Trump in the back, he stabbed the nation in the back."

steve bannon unloaded on bill barr during his war room podcast © press
Steve Bannon unloaded on Bill Barr during his War Room podcast

"On this hard drive from hell, what he did, he suppressed this information so that what the elites in our country were doing, compromised by the Chinese Communist Party and all of the situation in Ukraine, stealing money with both hands,” Bannon declared.

"Barr, it’s all going to come out…

"And we’re going to have a field day going into the details of what a total and complete scumbag you are…

"You had this in December of 2019 (Hunter’s laptop) and you actively suppressed it from the people of the United States…

"Don’t worry about joining a law firm.

"You better lawyer up," Bannon warned.

"Nothing gets me worked up as much as these guys, the scum of the Bush, that are just complete filth and trash.

"And we’re going to do it with facts.

"We’re going to walk you through the facts of what Bill Barr knew and when he knew it.

"And Chris Wray,” he added.

"Throw Chris Wray into the pile too."


Barr is on a media blitz for his new book and has wasted little time speaking negatively about Trump.

During an interview on NBC News with host Lester Holt, Barr spoke about his new memoir, particularly an “awkward” moment in the Oval Office.

Barr first saw then-President Trump after The Associated Press reported on an interview in which Barr said the Justice Department found no evidence of widespread fraud that determined the outcome of the 2020 election.

bill barr has been making salacious claims about his time working with president trump © press
Bill Barr has been making salacious claims about his time working with President Trump

Barr told the AP’s Michael Balsamo that the DOJ explored some of these claims, but “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”

Barr said Trump was “enraged” over this and “slammed his fists” on the Resolute Desk.


Below is a transcript:

BARR: “And I told him that all this stuff was bulls**t and — about election fraud. And, you know, I was wrong to be shoveling it out the way his team was, and he started asking me about different theories, and I had the answers. I was able to tell him, this is wrong because of this.”

HOLT: “You’re trying to set him straight.”

BARR: “Yes. And, you know, he listened. He was obviously getting very angry about this. I said okay, look, I understand you’re upset with me and I’m perfectly happy to tend to my resignation, and then — boom!”

HOLT: “He slaps the desk?”

BARR: “He slapped the desk and he said ‘accepted, accepted.’ And then — boom! He slapped it again. ‘Accepted. Go home, don’t go back to your office, go home. You’re done.’”

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