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Tucker Carlson Warns America Is Facing Canadian-Style Tyranny

Fox News host gives powerful rebuke of Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

 on 17th February 2022 @ 3.00pm
tucker carlson asks    how long until    we get canadian style tyranny in the u s  © press
Tucker Carlson asks ‘how long until’ we get Canadian-style tyranny in the U.S.?

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has warned that America could be facing the same kind of tyranny that Canadians are currently suffering under far-left Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Carlson issued a scathing rebuke of Canada's PM Trudeau during the opening of his show.

According to Carlson, Trudeau is leading Canada toward tyranny.

However, he warns that there were some, including the media, cheering on Trudeau to suppress the public's freedoms.

And those same voices are hoping the United States would adopt similar measures.

Carlson warned that corporate media’s affair with the government is bringing Canada’s new flavor of tyranny to America.

tucker calson warns that  justin trudeau is no longer the prime minister of canada    he  is the dictator © press
Tucker Calson warns that 'Justin Trudeau is no longer the prime minister of Canada' - he 'is the dictator'

Carlson blasted the stunning actions that Trudeau took by invoking the Emergencies Act and essentially declaring martial law.

And he acted without a hint of objection from our media or political leaders.

"Our news media barely noted that it happened,” Carlson said.

"Weirdest of all, the State Department, which exists these days to denounce such attackers of democracy as Hungary and Poland, didn’t say a single word as democracy in Canada ended.”

Citing the trade partnerships, a shared border, the myriad pop culture icons from Canada, and even the fact that our vice president grew up there, Carlson warned, “What happens there, matters here.

"If nothing else, it’s a preview of what will likely happen in the United States.”

"Justin Trudeau is no longer the prime minister of Canada,” Carlson declared.

"Justin Trudeau is Canada’s maximum leader, its strongman, its potentate.

"Justin Trudeau is the dictator of Canada.

"If you think that’s an overstatement, try to think of another way to describe what Justin Trudeau is now doing.”

Through the Emergencies Act, “Trudeau has the power to crush all political opposition,” he has “ended free speech in Canada.

"He’s banned free assembly…shut down political rallies and arrested his political critics without probable cause.”

Carlson detailed that Trudeau restricted “travel within Canada, to the politically obedient.

"Canadians are no longer allowed to leave their own country unless they obey Justin Trudeau.”

If they don’t? Financial ruin, Carlson explained, “Trudeau has claimed the power to freeze the financial assets of any Canadian who resists him.

"No court order is required to do this, he just decides.”

Best Selling Author Jordan Peterson highlighted much the same.

However, it doesn’t end there as Carlson went on, saying Trudeau “can even dictate what you do for a living and how you do it.

"Today, Trudeau threatened to arrest tow truck drivers who refused to tow the trucks of protesters.”

Those protesters were against vaccine mandates.

Trudeau’s actions were allegedly taken to quell the protests.

But, with the severity of what he is doing, Carlson asked a simple question: “Is this really about stopping the spread of coronavirus?

"No one in Canada is even pretending that it is anymore.”

"Trudeau himself didn’t mention the risk of COVID a single time yesterday.

"He’s not worried about unvaccinated truckers spreading a virus,” Carlson went on.

"Trudeau is worried about Canadians resisting his rule.

"And that’s why Trudeau’s government announced yesterday they plan to regulate cryptocurrency forever.”

To further emphasize the overreach, Carlson brought up instances where Trudeau had sympathized with actual violent extremists.

He gave $10 million in taxpayer money to a “self-described Al Qaeda soldier” responsible for the murder of a U.S. Army sergeant.

Of a group of arsons burning more than 50 Catholic churches in Canada, their ant-Christian sentiment is, “fully understandable” to Trudeau.

Carlson went on to point out that the Canadian deputy prime minister used to write for The Washington Post and is married to a New York Times reporter.

So, if the state and the media can work together, Carlson concluded, it’s no wonder what happened to the crowdfunding site GiveSendGo.

Canadian media used the information collected from the data breach to “intimidate the donors.”

They are, “unmasked in public, shamed, and of course, inevitably threatened,” Carlson said, for opposing Trudeau.

The commonality is, all these media companies are “squarely on the side of entrenched power against the population they supposedly serve.”

justin trudeau has been cheered on my the media to silence the freedom convoy protesters © press
Justin Trudeau has been cheered on my the media to silence the Freedom Convoy protesters

After pointing to examples of the media quelling the spread of “conspiracy theories” that turned out to be true like mandatory vaccination in Canada and forced quarantining at government sites, Carlson warned of the incremental changes that led to this sudden seizure of power.

"This new class of dictators seizes power incrementally, through the bureaucracy,” Carlson cautioned.

"They never raise their voices.

"They don’t wave their arms…

"They praised diversity, even as they demand conformity.

"But they’re no less dangerous…and it’s not just happening in Canada.

"It’s happening here in the United States.”


MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell is a perfect example as the Minnesota Bank & Trust is unbanking his company because his views run contrary to the accepted media narrative.

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