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MSNBC's Joy Reid Accuses NFL of Trying to 'Sanitize Blackness' from Super Bowl

Far-left host responds to white wrapper Eminem kneeling during halftime performance

 on 15th February 2022 @ 10.00pm
joy reid says the nfl tried to  sanitize blackness  from the super bowl © press
Joy Reid says the NFL tried to 'sanitize blackness' from the Super Bowl

MSNBC's Joy Reid has accused the NFL of trying to "sanitize blackness" from the Super Bowl by allowing white rapper Eminem to steal focus by "taking the knee" during his halftime performance.

During Monday’s broadcast of "The ReidOut," the far-left host opened with comments surrounding Eminem choosing to kneel to promote the shady Black Lives Matter organization.

While insisting that they appreciated the rapper's "disruptive" behavior, Reid and her panel of guests claimed that the NFL is strangling forms of "blackness."

"The NFL has always tried to sanitize blackness especially during the Super Bowl from the halftime performances to players taking a knee, and it especially does not want to dabble in the culture wars now and tick off the conservative fan base," Reid said.

"Which explains why Kendrick Lamar’s line ‘and we hate the popo’ was noticeably scrubbed last night," guest Jason Johnson fired back.

"Don’t think we didn’t notice," Reid warned.

white rapper eminem has received criticism for taking the knee during his performance © press
White rapper Eminem has received criticism for taking the knee during his performance

Reid also falsely claimed that the NFL was "surprised" by Eminem’s choice to kneel.

However, the organization has already revealed that the "protest" was planned weeks in advance, stating that they were made "aware" of his stunt and any claim otherwise was "erroneous."

She then added that she has since "fell out of love" with football due to allegations of racism.

"I fell out of love with the game because it just became very clear that this was a sport with a lot of black people in it but not black people with power," Reid said.

"No coaches, very few people allowed to get into the quarterback spot.

"And that coach thing really hurts my spirit, and it’s difficult for me to love the game.

"Anything that these guys do that is disruptive, I’m for it."

Columnist Michael Harriot also criticized the NFL as well as Eminem for protesting for the black movement while the protest "meant nothing."

"He successfully got applause for doing something that meant nothing and I think that’s kind of like the epitome of what the NFL has become," Harriot said

"They scrawled ‘end racism’ in the end zone but they will kick black people out of the league for talking about or pointing at the problem that racism gives America, right?

"So I think he did it but it doesn’t mean anything.

"It’s too late now," he concluded.

the super bowl halftime show featured several hip hop stars © press
The Super Bowl halftime show featured several hip hop stars

In light of conservative criticism, Reid maintained that "sports has always been political" and the NFL continues to ignore black issues in spite of 70% of NFL players being Black.

Podcaster Bomani Jones closed the segment commenting, "That’s the story of American racism.

"It is in spite of good sense and even in spite of your potential to profit."

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