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Jesse Watters: Freedom Convoy Proves the 'Great Awakening' Has Begun

Fox News host says 'the establishment is scared' as the people rise up

 on 12th February 2022 @ 4.00pm
jesse watters says the trucker protests show the  great awakening  has begun © press
Jesse Watters says the trucker protests show the 'great awakening' has begun

Fox News host Jesse Watters has hailed the Canadian trucker convoy protests as proof that "great awakening is happening all across North America."

During Friday's opening monologue of "Jesse Watters Primetime," the host said that "the establishment is scared" of the uprising.

"Moms have turned against them," Watters noted of the Democratic regime.

"Hispanics are turning against them."

"Now blue-collar workers are turning against them," he added.

"The great awakening is happening all across North America."

jesse watters said the freedom convoy is a  threat  to the left s  power dynamic © press
Jesse Watters said the Freedom Convoy is a 'threat' to the Left's 'power dynamic'

"The continent's best and brightest aren't walking through the halls of Washington or Ottawa," he continued.

"It's like comedian George Burns once said: ‘Too bad all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxis and cutting hair.’"

"Or maybe, they're driving trucks."

Watters compared the Left's leadership to a bad boss in the workplace, warning that "the people will revolt" if poor leadership affects everyday life.

Powerful liberals attempt to discredit the truckers' message rather than listen to them, he noted.

A CNN analyst called on her followers to "Slash the tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks[.]"

The Left's fear stems from what truckers represent: "a threat to their power dynamic," which Watters dubbed "their biggest fear."

 the great awakening is happening all across north america   watters said © press
'The great awakening is happening all across North America,' Watters said

The Fox News host reported that the truckers have been entirely non-violent, unlike the Black Lives Matter rioters who totaled $2 billion in damages in summer 2020.

"Dozens of lives were lost in the chaos," he added.

"No, Joe and Kamala aren't going to bail out these freedom-loving truckers like they did for BLM.

"Instead, they're going to make them villains of the story.

"And apparently, anyone who supports them becomes the enemy, too."

"The Democrats and the media are fine letting the cartels run wild as they ship poison into the neighborhood here, killing our kids and bringing death and destruction to town.

"But if you drive a big rig or care about your children's education, they're coming for you."


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